Skull Base 2006; 16 - A032
DOI: 10.1055/s-2006-958566

Effect of Ionizing Radiation on Some Microorganisms Causing Chronic Suppurative Otitis Media

Raad Alhamdani 1(presenter), AbdulMuhsen Saleem 1, Hayfa Hashim Mohamad 1, Nadia A Al-Derzi 1, Mohamad Fathil Kashmola 1, Mona Moneer Ahmad 1
  • 1Mosul, Iraq

Aim: To evaluate the effect of a diagnostic x-ray in vitro study on bacteria causing chronic suppurative otitis media.

Design: The number of viable cells before and after exposure to different doses of radiation was estimated.

Setting: Ear, nose, and throat department in Erbil Military Hospital and microbiology and x-ray unit in Saddam General Hospital in Mosul, Iraq, during the period from July 1999 to July 2000.

Material and Methods: The effect of ionizing radiation (x-ray) was studied on different strains of bacteria in vitro.

Results: The final results showed that there is a statistically significant reduction in the number of viable cell counts of certain microorganisms after exposure to a specific dose of radiation in vitro.

Conclusion: A single small dose of x-ray radiation (diagnostic x-ray dose) reduced the number of viable cells of certain microorganism in vitro.