Int J Sports Med 1997; 18(2): 75-78
DOI: 10.1055/s-2007-972598
Physiology and Biochemistry

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Administration of a GABAB Agonist Baclofen Before Running to Exhaustion in the Rat: Effects on Performance and on Some Indicators of Fatigue

A. Abdelmalki, D. Merino, D. Bonneau, A. X. Bigard, C. Y. Guezennec
  • Institut de Médecine Aérospatiale du Service de Santé des Armées, Brétigny sur Orge, France
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09 March 2007 (online)

The present study was designed to examine the effects of administration of a GABAergic agonist (Baclofen) on run-time to exhaustion in trained and untrained rats, and on some indicators of fatigue. Run-time to exhaustion on a treadmill set at a speed of 25 m · min-1 was significantly increased in both untrained (p < 0.01) and trained rats (p < 0.005) administered with baclofen one hour before the exercise. The animals who had nun the longest time displayed the lowest concentrations of liver and muscle glycogen, and a decrease in plasma glucose concentrations (p<0.05). The results of this investigation suggest that fatigue during prolonged exercise can be influenced by pharmacological administration of a GABAergic agonist. Indicators of fatigue such as glycemia, liver and muscular glycogen are mot the limiting factors of performance and central mechanisms play a key role at exhaustion.