Phlebologie 2018; 47(06): 303-308
DOI: 10.12687/phleb2448-6-2018
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Extended secondary prophylaxis after venous thrombosis

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J. Schimmelpfennig
1   Burgebrach
R. Bauersachs
2   Klinik für Gefäßmedizin – Angiologie, Gefäßzentrum, Klinikum Darmstadt GmbH, Darmstadt
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Eingegangen: 02 September 2018

Angenommen: 03 September 2018

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18 January 2019 (online)


The drug therapy of thromboembolic diseases is considered standardized and effective in most cases. Recurrence has been known for years after discontinuing anticoagulation, both after DVT, after PE and also after SVT. Only recently has this particular patient clientele, the specific medical history and the potential triggering risk factors been dealt with in more detail. It became necessary to formulate a more precise differentiation of the risk factors and to specify in terms of the way and duration of secondary pharmacological prophylaxis. In addition to VKA, new registrations of NOAKs are helpful for this indication. ASS has no significance in this regard. Against this background, a „traffic light system” was developed, which should help the treating physicians in the estimation of the individual recurrence risk.