The Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgeon

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Issue S 3/1998

Issue S 2/1998

Spiegel, T. v; Wietasch, G.; Hoeft, A.: Basics of Myocardial Pump Function
Schlensak, C.; Doenst, T.; Beyersdorf, F.: Clinical Experience with Blood Cardioplegia
Holper, K.; Meisner, H.; Hähnel, C.; Massoudy, P.: Technical Refinements in Myocardial Protection: Infants - Adults
Cremer, J.; Karck, M.; Ahnsel, T.; Steinhoff, G.; Brandt, M.; Hollander, D.; Teebken, O.; Zick, G.; Haverich, A.: Ischemic Preconditioning as an Adjunct to Crystalloid or Blood Cardioplegia for Myocardial Protectionin Routine Coronary Surgery
Kuhn-Régnier, F.; Fischer, J. H.; Jeschkeit, S.: Coronary Oxygen Persufflation for Long-Term Myocardial Protection