The Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgeon

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Issue 03/1985

Issue 02/1983

Klippe, H. J.; Löhr, J.; Windheim, Kv: Infections after Pleuro-pulmonary Surgery*

Issue 01/1983

Becker, H. M.; Stelter, W. J.; Kortmann, H.; Heberer, G.: Anastomotic Arterial Aneurysms
Meisner, H.; Schöber, J. G.; Struck, E.; Lipowski, B.; Mayser, P.; Sebening, F.: Phrenic Nerve Pacing for the Treatment of Central Hypoventilation Syndrome - State of the Art and Case Report

Issue 03/1981

Issue 02/1981

Issue 05/1980

Bretschneider, H. J.: Myocardial Protection

Issue 05/1979