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Issue 04/2011

Huang, T.-W.; Huang, H.-K.; Hsu, H.-H.; Lee, S.-C.: Cystic Pulmonary Tuberculoma

Issue 03/2011

Diamanti, A.; Noto, C.; Magistrelli, A.; Perotti, G.; Panetta, F.; Diomedi-Camassei, F.; Inserra, A.: Association between Gastroesophageal Reflux and Endobronchial Carcinoid: A Case Report
Kim, M. H.; Lee, K. H.; Kim, K. U.; Park, H.-K.; Kim, Y. D.; Lee, M. K.; Park, S. K.: Patient with Positional Wheezing due to Endobronchial Lipomatous Hamartoma

Issue 02/2011

Mason, D. P.; Murthy, S. C.; Yun, J. J.; Machuzak, M.; Shrestha, R.; Avery, R. K.; McCurry, K. R.; Budev, M. M.; Pettersson, G. B.: Lung Transplantation in a Recipient with Novel 2009 H1N1 Influenza: Lessons Learned
Haruki, T.; Arai, T.; Nakamura, H.; Nosaka, K.; Shomori, K.; Ito, H.: Pulmonary Epithelioid Hemangioendothelioma with PlGF Expression: Report of a Case

Issue 01/2011

Aydemir, B.; Sokullu, O.; Hastaoglu, O.; Bilgen, F.; Çelik, M.; Dogusoy, I.: Aorta-to-Right Ventricular Fistula Due to Pectus Bar Migration
Chang, P.-K.; Lee, S.-C.; Huang, T.-W.; Tzao, C.; Cheng, Y.-L.: Should the Pectus Bar be Removed Before Pregnancy? Two Case Reports
Deutsch, M. A.; Martetschlaeger, F.; Muenzel, D.; D'Haese, J. G.; Krane, M.; Bauernschmitt, R.; Lange, R.; Bumm, R.: Combined Spontaneous Contralateral Pneumothorax and Post-Pneumonectomy Mediastinal Shift-Associated Dextrocardia

Issue 08/2010

Wang, S.; Ruan, Z.; Liu, F.; Huang, H.; Zheng, J.; Song, K.: A Rare Case of Circumferential Intramural Dissection of the Thoracic Esophagus
Aydemir, B.; Okay, T.; Imamoglu, O.; Sahin, S.; Dogusoy, I.: Preoperative Embolization in Mediastinal Castleman's Disease
Çelikten, A.; Melek, H.; Çitak, N.; Metin, M.; Sayar, A.; Ürer, N.; Gürses, A.: Minimally Invasive Excision of Multiple Cystic Lymphangiomas of the Mediastinum: a Case Report