Ultraschall in Med 2018; 39(06): 700
DOI: 10.1055/a-0795-3938
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EFSUMB & UEG 2018 – Ultrasound Learning Area

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14 December 2018 (online)


    Ioan Sporea, Alina Popescu

    Department of Gastroenterology and Hepatology, “Victor Babeş” University of Medicine and Pharmacy Timişoara, Romania

    The United European Gastroenterology Week (UEG Week), the largest European meeting of gastroenterology, has every year a special area dedicated to ultrasound education. With EFSUMB cooperation the Ultrasound Learning Area promotes the role of ultrasound as a major diagnostic and interventional tool in gastroenterology. The centre offers a basic course and an advanced course of ultrasound for the gastroenterologist, organized by Prof. Dieter Nürnberg (Germany), Prof. Odd Helge Gilja (Norway) and Prof. Ioan Sporea (Romania), with lectures and hands on training. The centre also offers lectures on specific topics, presented by expert gastroenterologists, such as Gastrointestinal US (GIUS), US in Pancreatic Diseases, Elastography & POCUS.

    This year, in Vienna, the centre was able to offer ultrasound education during the 5 meeting days to a very large number of gastroenterologists interested in expended their knowledge in this field. With the help of the members of the faculty and the sponsors Hitachi Co., GE Co. and Bracco, clinical ultrasonography was brought in the hands of the gastroenterologists.

    The latest EFSUMB GIUS guidelines can be found:

    • Part 1: Examination Techniques and Normal Findings Short Version Long Version Thieme E-Journal 2016

    • Part 2: Inflammatory Bowel Diseases Single Version Ultraschall in Med 2018; 39: 304 – 317

    • Part 3 Endorectal, Endoanal and Perineal Ultrasound submitted to UIO

    • Part 4 Expert recommendations for gastrointestinal ultrasound (GIUS) in acute appendicitis and diverticulitis Submitted to EJU/UIM

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    Prof Sporea demonstrating during a hands-on session.
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    Prof Sporea demonstrating during a hands-on session.
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