DOI: 10.1055/s-00000041


Issue 02 · Volume 24 · April 1993 DOI: 10.1055/s-002-12384

Original article

Macaya, A.; Munell, F.; Burke, R. E.; De Vivo, D. C.: Disorders of Movement in Leigh Syndrome
de Groot, Laila; v d Hoek, Anne-Marike; Hopkins, B.; Touwen, B. C. L.: Development of Muscle Power in Preterm Infants: Individual Trajectories After Term Age
Veelken, N.; Schopf, M.; Dammann, O.; Schulte, F. J.: Etiological Classification of Cerebral Palsy in Very Low Birthweight Infants
Nicholson, Louise V. B.; Bushby, Kate M. D.; Johnson, Margaret A.; Gardner-Medwin, D.; Ginjaar, I. B.: Dystrophin Expression in Duchenne Patients with "In-Frame" Gene Deletions

Short communication

Ginat-Israeli, T.; Hurvitz, H.; Klar, A.; Blinder, G.; Branski, D.; Amir, N.: Deteriorating Neurological and Neuroradiological Course in Treated Biotinidase Deficiency

Letter to the editors

Hájek, M.; Hejcmanová, Ludmila; Přádný, J.: Proton in Vivo Spectroscopy of Patients with Hyperphenylalaninaemia