DOI: 10.1055/s-00000041


Issue 01 · Volume 39 · February 2008 DOI: 10.1055/s-002-12667

Original Article

Barth, P. G.; Vries, L. S. de; Nikkels, P. G. J.; Troost, D.: Congenital Brainstem Disconnection Associated with a Syrinx of the Brainstem
Khurana, D. S.; Salganicoff, L.; Melvin, J. J.; Hobdell, E. F.; Valencia, I.; Hardison, H. H.; Marks, H. G.; Grover, W. D.; Legido, A.: Epilepsy and Respiratory Chain Defects in Children with Mitochondrial Encephalopathies
Debray, F.-G.; Lambert, M.; Gagne, R.; Maranda, B.; Laframboise, R.; MacKay, N.; Robinson, B. H.; Mitchell, G. A.: Pyruvate Dehydrogenase Deficiency Presenting as Intermittent Isolated Acute Ataxia
Moslemi, A.-R.; Darin, N.; Tulinius, M.; Wiklund, L.-M.; Holme, E.; Oldfors, A.: Progressive Encephalopathy and Complex I Deficiency Associated with Mutations in MTND1
Pineda, M.; R-Palmero, A.; Baquero, M.; O'Callaghan, M.; Aracil, A.; Knaap, M. van der; Scheper, G. C.: Vanishing White Matter Disease Associated with Progressive Macrocephaly
Auer-Grumbach, M.; Fischer, C.; Papić, L.; John, E.; Plecko, B.; Bittner, R. E.; Bernert, G.; Pieber, T. R.; Miltenberger, G.; Schwarz, R.; Windpassinger, C.; Grill, F.; Timmerman, V.; Speicher, M. R.; Janecke, A. R.: Two Novel Mutations in the GDAP1 and PRX Genes in Early Onset Charcot-Marie-Tooth Syndrome

Short Communication

Soresina, A.; Meini, A.; Lougaris, V.; Cattaneo, G.; Pellegrino, S.; Piane, M.; Darra, F.; Plebani, A.: Different Clinical and Immunological Presentation of Ataxia-Telangiectasia within the Same Family
Prietsch, V.; Arnold, S.; Kraegeloh-Mann, I.; Kuehr, J.; Santer, R.: Severe Hypomyelination as the Leading Neuroradiological Sign in a Patient with Fucosidosis