DOI: 10.1055/s-00000028

International Journal of Sports Medicine

Issue 10 · Volume 31 · October 2010 DOI: 10.1055/s-002-21391

Physiology & Biochenistry

España-Romero, V.; Ortega, F. B.; Ruiz, J. R.; Artero, E. G.; Martínez-Gómez, D.; Vicente-Rodriguez, G.; Moliner-Urdiales, D.; Gracia-Marco, L.; Ciarapica, D.; Widhalm, K.; Castillo Garzon, M. J.; Sjöstrom, M.; Moreno, L. A.: Role of Cardiorespiratory Fitness on the Association Between Physical Activity and Abdominal Fat Content in Adolescents: The HELENA Study

Training & Testing

Fontes, E. B.; Smirmaul, B. P. C.; Nakamura, F. Y.; Pereira, G.; Okano, A. H.; Altimari, L. R.; Dantas, J. L.; Moraes, A. C. de: The Relationship Between Rating of Perceived Exertion and Muscle Activity During Exhaustive Constant-Load Cycling
Cadore, E. L.; Pinto, R. S.; Lhullier, F. L. R.; Correa, C. S.; Alberton, C. L.; Pinto, S. S.; Almeida, A. P. V.; Tartaruga, M. P.; Silva, E. M.; Kruel, L. F. M.: Physiological Effects of Concurrent Training in Elderly Men
Dourado, V. Z.; Banov, M. C.; Marino, M. C.; Souza, V. L. de; Antunes, L. C. de O.; McBurnie, M. A.: A Simple Approach to Assess VT During a Field Walk Test
Buchheit, M.; Mendez-villanueva, A.; Simpson, B. M.; Bourdon, P. C.: Repeated-Sprint Sequences During Youth Soccer Matches
Granacher, U.; Iten, N.; Roth, R.; Gollhofer, A.: Slackline Training for Balance and Strength Promotion
Winkler, B. E.; Tetzlaff, K.; Muth, C.-M.; Hebestreit, H.: Pulmonary Function in Children After Open Water SCUBA Dives
Hopker, J.; Myers, S.; Jobson, S. A.; Bruce, W.; Passfield, L.: Validity and Reliability of the Wattbike Cycle Ergometer
Silva, A. M.; Fields, D. A.; Heymsfield, S. B.; Sardinha, L. B.: Body Composition and Power Changes in Elite Judo Athletes

Orthopedics & Biomechanics

Clinical Sciences

Rosenbaum, D. A.; Saunders, W.; Nelson, C. M.; Rosenbaum, B. R.: Estimation of Injury Simulation in International Men's Soccer

Behavioural Sciences