DOI: 10.1055/s-00000167

International Journal of Angiology

Issue 03 · Volume 17 · September 2008 DOI: 10.1055/s-002-21948


Sajid, Muhammad Shafique; Desai, Mittal; Morris, Richard; Hamilton, George: Knee-length graduated compression stockings for thromboprophylaxis in air travellers: A meta-analysis

Original Articles

Wilasrusmee, Chumpon; Suvikrom, Jesada; Suthakorn, Jackrit; Lertsithichai, Panuwat; Sitthiseriprapip, Kriskrai; Proprom, Napaphat; Kittur, Dilip S: Three-dimensional aortic aneurysm model and endovascular repair: An educational tool for surgical trainees
Wang, Jianxiong; Zhou, Shi; Bronks, Roger; Graham, John; Myers, Stephen: Supervised and home-based exercise training for patients with intermittent claudication
Stuard, S; Cesarone, Maria Rosaria; Belcaro, Gianni; Dugall, Mark; Ledda, Andrea; Cacchio, Marisa; Ricci, Andrea; Ippolito, Edmondo; Renzo, Andrea Di; Grossi, Maria Giovanna: Five-year treatment of chronic venous insufficiency with O-(β-hydroxyethyl)-rutosides: Safety aspects
Demmy, Todd L; Molina, J Ernesto; Ward, Herb B; Gorton, Michael E; Kouchoukos, Nicholas T; Schmaltz, Richard A; Shennib, Hani: Custodiol versus Plegisol: A phase 3 multicentre myocardial protection study

Case Report

Cohen, Ronny; Mena, Derrick; Carbajal-Mendoza, Roger; Arole, Olugbenga; Mejia, Jose O: A case report on asymptomatic ascending aortic dissection
Rekha, Arcot; Ravi, Annamalai; Vijayaraghavan, KS: Paraganglioma neck - a neuroendocrine tumour revisited