DOI: 10.1055/s-00000085

The Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgeon

Issue 01 · Volume 60 · February 2012 DOI: 10.1055/s-002-22888


Guest Reviewers

Original Basic Science

Oyar, Eser Öz; Kiriş, İlker; Gülmen, Şenol; Ceyhan, Betül Mermi; Cüre, Medine Cumhur; Delibaş, Namık; Lortlar, Neşe; Okutan, Hüseyin: The Protective Effect of Adrenomedullin on Renal Injury, in a Model of Abdominal Aorta Cross-Clamping

Original Cardiovascular

Apitz, Christian; Honjo, Osami; Friedberg, Mark K.; Assad, Renato S.; Van Arsdell, Glen; Humpl, Tilman; Redington, Andrew N.: Beneficial Effects of Vasopressors on Right Ventricular Function in Experimental Acute Right Ventricular Failure in a Rabbit Model
Badreldin, A.M.A.; Doerr, F.; Ismail, M. M.; Heldwein, M. B.; Lehmann, T.; Bayer, O.; Doenst, T.; Hekmat, K.: Comparison between Sequential Organ Failure Assessment Score (SOFA) and Cardiac Surgery Score (CASUS) for Mortality Prediction after Cardiac Surgery
Badreldin, Akmal; Elsobky, Sherif; Lehmann, Thomas; Brehm, Bernhard B.; Doenst, Torsten; Hekmat, Khosro: Daily-Mean-SOFA, a New Derivative to Increase Accuracy of Mortality Prediction in Cardiac Surgical Intensive Care Units
Ried, Michael; Haneya, Assad; Kolat, Philipp; Potzger, Tobias; Puehler, Thomas; Schmid, Cristof; Diez, Claudius: Acute Renal Dysfunction Does Not Develop More Frequently Among Octogenarians Compared to Septuagenarians after Cardiac Surgery


Original Cardiovascular/Society Paper

Burger, H.; Kempfert, J.; van Linden, A.; Szalay, Z.; Schoenburg, M.; Walther, T.; Ziegelhoeffer, T.: Endurance and Performance of Two Different Concepts for Left Ventricular Stimulation with Bipolar Epicardial Leads in Long-Term Follow-Up

Case Reports

Schreiber, Christian; Vogt, Manfred; Kühn, Andreas; Hörer, Jürgen; Samprec, Jelena; Zhongyun, Zhuang; Fengwei, Zhang; Lange, Rüdiger: Periventricular Closure of a Perimembranous VSD: Treatment Option in Selected Patients

Case Report

Winkler, B.; Grapow, M.; Seeberger, M.; Matt, P.; Aulitzky, W.; Eckstein, F.: Heart Failure Resulting from Giant Left Atrial Synovial Sarcoma Metastasis