DOI: 10.1055/s-00000028

International Journal of Sports Medicine

Issue 09 · Volume 33 · September 2012 DOI: 10.1055/s-002-23632


Physiology & Biochemistry

Gough, C. E.; Eastwood, A.; Saunders, P. U.; Anson, J. M.; Gore, C. J.: Spurious Hb Mass Increases Following Exercise

Training & Testing

Gregory, D. A.; Pfeiffer, K. A.; Vickers, K. E.; Aubrey, A. J.; Flynn, J. I.; Connolly, C. P.; Coe, D. P.: Physiologic Responses to Running with a Jogging Stroller
de Lima, C.; Boullosa, D. A.; Frollini, A. B.; Donatto, F. F.; Leite, R. D.; Gonelli, P.R. G.; Montebello, M.I. L.; Prestes, J.; Cesar, M. C.: Linear and Daily Undulating Resistance Training Periodizations Have Differential Beneficial Effects in Young Sedentary Women
Leprêtre, P. M.; Weissland, T.; Paton, C.; Jeanne, M.; Delannaud, S.; Ahmaidi, S.: Comparison of 2 Portable Respiratory Gas Analysers
Wang, E.; Solli, G. S.; Nyberg, S. K.; Hoff, J.; Helgerud, J.: Stroke Volume Does not Plateau in Female Endurance Athletes
Wilms, B.; Frick, J.; Ernst, B.; Mueller, R.; Wirth, B.; Schultes, B.: Whole Body Vibration Added to Endurance Training in Obese Women – A Pilot Study
Pessoa Filho, D. M.; Alves, F. B.; Reis, J. F.; Greco, C. C.; Denadai, B. S.: VO2 Kinetics During Heavy and Severe Exercise in Swimming

Orthopedics & Biomechanics

Edouard, P.; Beguin, L.; Degache, F.; Fayolle-minon, I.; Farizon, F.; Calmels, P.: Recovery of Rotators Strength after Latarjet Surgery


Hulton, A. T.; Gregson, W.; Maclaren, D.; Doran, D. A.: Effects of GI Meals on Intermittent Exercise

Behavioural Sciences

Diaz, M. M.; Bocanegra, O. L.; Teixeira, R. R.; Soares, S. S.; Espindola, F. S.: Response of Salivary Markers of Autonomic Activity to Elite Competition