DOI: 10.1055/s-00000161

The Journal of Knee Surgery

Issue 05 · Volume 25 · November 2012 DOI: 10.1055/s-002-23980

Original Article

Chechik, Ofir; Mayer, Chen; Drexler, Michael; Sternheim, Amir; Snir, Nimrod; Dekel, Shmuel: Posterolateral Capsular Release for Correction of Valgus Deformity
Morgan, Joseph A.; Dahm, Diane; Levy, Bruce; Stuart, Michael J.; and the MARS Study Group: Femoral Tunnel Malposition in ACL Revision Reconstruction
Ashfaq, Kashif; Fragomen, Austin T.; Nguyen, Joseph T.; Rozbruch, S. Robert: Correction of Proximal Tibia Varus with External Fixation
Flanigan, David C.; Child, Jeremy Roberts; Litsky, Alan S.: Testing of Double-Stranded Allografts Used in ACL Reconstruction
Ayeni, Olufemi; Peterson, Devin; Chan, Kevin; Javidan, Ashkan; Gandhi, Rajiv: Suture Repair versus Arrow Repair for Symptomatic Meniscus Tears of the Knee: A Systematic Review
Tjoumakaris, Fotios Paul; Van Kleunen, Jonathan; Weidner, Zachary; Huffman, George Russell: Knee Sports Injury Is Associated with an Increased Prevalence of Unilateral Knee Replacement: A Case-Controlled Study
Kannan, Arun; Hawdon, Gabrielle; McMahon, Stephen John: Effect of Flexion and Rotation on Measures of Coronal Alignment after TKA
Mayle, Robert E.; Graw, Bradley P.; Huddleston, Heather G.; Woolson, Steven T.; Goodman, Stuart B.; Huddleston, James I.: MI TKA: A Risk Factor for Early Revision Surgery
Stannard, James P.; Black, Brandee S.; Azbell, Chris; Volgas, David A.: Posteromedial Corner Injury in Knee Dislocations