DOI: 10.1055/s-00000041


Issue 02 · Volume 34 · April 2003 DOI: 10.1055/s-002-2613

Original Article

Guzzetta, A.; Mercuri, E.; Rapisardi, G.; Ferrari, F.; Roversi, M. F.; Cowan, F.; Rutherford, M.; Paolicelli, P. B.; Einspieler, C.; Boldrini, A.; Dubowitz, L.; Prechtl, H. F. R.; Cioni, G.: General Movements Detect Early Signs of Hemiplegia in Term Infants with Neonatal Cerebral Infarction
Mäenpää, H.; Salokorpi, T.; Jaakkola, R.; Blomstedt, G.; Sainio, K.; Merikanto, J.; von Wendt, L.: Follow-Up of Children with Cerebral Palsy after Selective Posterior Rhizotomy with Intensive Physiotherapy or Physiotherapy Alone
Vermeulen, R. J.; Fetter, W. P. F.; Hendrikx, L.; Van Schie, P. E. M.; van der Knaap, M. S.; Barkhof, F.: Diffusion-Weighted MRI in Severe Neonatal Hypoxic Ischaemia: The White Cerebrum
Vles, J. S. H.; Feron, F. J. M.; Hendriksen, J. G. M.; Jolles, J.; van Kroonenburgh, M. J. P. G.; Weber, W. E. J.: Methylphenidate Down-Regulates the Dopamine Receptor and Transporter System in Children with Attention Deficit Hyperkinetic Disorder (ADHD)
Yoshinaga, H.; Ogino, T.; Endo, F.; Yasuhara, S.; Murakami, N.; Ohtsuka, Y.; Oka, E.: Longitudinal Study of Auditory Brainstem Response in Leigh Syndrome
Tulinius, M.; Moslemi, A.-R.; Darin, N.; Westerberg, B.; Wiklund, L.-M.; Holme, E.; Oldfors, A.: Leigh Syndrome with Cytochrome-c Oxidase Deficiency and a Single T Insertion nt 5537 in the Mitochondrial tRNATrp Gene

Short Communication

Zolkipli, Z.; Hartley, L.; Brown, S.; Rutherford, M.; Cowan, F.; Mercuri, E.; Muntoni, F.: Occipito-Temporal Polymicrogyria and Subclinical Muscular Dystrophy

Letter to the Editor