DOI: 10.1055/s-00000041


Issue 06 · Volume 35 · December 2004 DOI: 10.1055/s-002-3816

Editorial Comment

Original Article

Falcidia, E.; Parano, E.; Grillo, A.; Pavone, P.; Takabayashi, H.; Trifiletti, R. R.; Scollo, P.; Dallapiccola, B.; Grammatico, P.; Novelli, A.; Paladini, D.; Monni, G.; Gulisano, A.; Scassellati, G.: Fetal Cells in Maternal Blood: A Six-Fold Increase in Women who have Undergone Amniocentesis and Carry a Fetus with Down Syndrome: A Multicenter Study
Kinali, M.; Banks, L. M.; Mercuri, E.; Manzur, A. Y.; Muntoni, F.: Bone Mineral Density in a Paediatric Spinal Muscular Atrophy Population
Smit, L. S.; Vermeulen, R. J.; Fetter, W. P. F.; Strijers, R. L. M.; Stam, C. J.: Neonatal Seizure Monitoring Using Non-Linear EEG Analysis
Sztriha, L.; Dawodu, A.; Gururaj, A.; Johansen, J. G.: Microcephaly Associated with Abnormal Gyral Pattern

Short Communication

Fogarasi, A.; Neuwirth, M.; Hegyi, M.; Siegler, Z.; Barsi, P.; Gyorsok, Z.; Janszky, J.; Madarassy, G.; Bognár, L.: Bilateral Epilepsy Surgery in a 4-Year-Old Child
Zafeiriou, D. I.; Vargiami, E.; Boltshauser, E.: Cerebellar Agenesis and Diabetes Insipidus
Erasmus, C. E.; Beems, T.; Rotteveel, J. J.: Frontal Ataxia in Childhood
Valencia, I.; Miles, D. K.; Melvin, J.; Khurana, D.; Kothare, S.; Hardison, H.; Legido, A.: Relapse of Herpes Encephalitis after Acyclovir Therapy: Report of Two New Cases and Review of the Literature