DOI: 10.1055/s-00000018

Facial Plastic Surgery

Issue 03 · Volume 21 · August 2005 DOI: 10.1055/s-002-4491 Current Concepts in the Management of Facial Trauma Editors in Chief Fred Fedok M.D. Gilbert J Nolst Trenité M.D. Ph.D. Daniel G Becker M.D. Roberta Gausas M.D., Guest Editor Phillip R Langsdon M.D. F.A.C.S.


Pribitkin, Edmund A.; Cognetti, David M.; Marshall, Stephen N.; Bilyk, Jurij: Lag Screw Fixation in Midface Fractures
Knipe, Thomas A.; Whatley, W. Stites; Costello, Thomas H.; Langsdon, Phillip R.: Transconjunctival Approach to the Zygomatico-Frontal Limb of Orbitozygomatic Complex Fractures
Scurry, W. Cooper; Beus, Kirt S.; McGinn, Johnathan; Fedok, Fred G.: Operative Time Analysis of Miniplate Fixation of the Mandible
Kienstra, Matthew A.; Loveren, Harry Van: Anterior Skull Base Fractures
Bernat, Richard A.; Zimmerman, Jeffrey M.; Keane, William M.; Pribitkin, Edmund A.: Combined Laryngotracheal Separation and Esophageal Injury Following Blunt Neck Trauma
McLean, J. Nicolas; Moore, Charles E.; Yellin, Seth A.: Gunshot Wounds to the Face-Acute Management
Metzinger, Stephen E.; Guerra, Aldo B.; Garcia, Roberto Eloy: Frontal Sinus Fractures: Management Guidelines
Chang, Edward W.; Manolidis, Spiros: Orbital Floor Fracture Management
Saigal, Kapil; Winokur, Ronald S.; Finden, Steven; Taub, Daniel; Pribitkin, Edmund: Use of Three-Dimensional Computerized Tomography Reconstruction in Complex Facial Trauma