DOI: 10.1055/s-00000028

International Journal of Sports Medicine

Issue 03 · Volume 19 · April 1998 DOI: 10.1055/s-002-5609


Physiology and Biochemistry

Zouhal, H.; Rannou, F.; Gratas-Delamarche, A.; Monnier, M.; Bentué-Ferrer, D.; Delamarche, P.: Adrenal Medulla Responsiveness to the Sympathetic Nervous Activity in Sprinters and Untrained Subjects During a Supramaximal Exercise
Kenefick, R. W.; Maresh, C. M.; Armstrong, L. E.; Castellani, J. W.; Whittlesey, M.; Hoffman, J. R.; Bergeron, M. F.: Plasma Testosterone and Cortisol Responses to Training-Intensity Exercise in Mild and Hot Environments
Lotgering, F. K.; Spinnewijn, W. E. M.; Struijk, P. C.; Boomsma, F.; Wallenburg, H. C. S.: Respiratory and Metabolic Responses to Endurance Cycle Exercise in Pregnant and Postpartum Women

Training and Testing

Fell, J. W.; Rayfield, J. M.; Gulbin, J. P.; Gaffney, P. J.: Evaluation of the Accusport® Lactate Analyser

Orthopaedics and Clinical Science

Bilé, A.; Gallais, D. Le; Mercier, J.; Bogui, P.; Préfaut, C.: Sickle Cell Trait in Ivory Coast Athletic Throw and Jump Champions, 1956-1995

Letter to the Editor

Lormes, W.; Lehmann, M.; Steinacker, J. M.: The Problems to Study Plasma Lactate

Hoogeveen, A. R.; Schep, G.; Vader, H. L.: Reply