DOI: 10.1055/s-00000028

International Journal of Sports Medicine

Issue 04 · Volume 28 · April 2007 DOI: 10.1055/s-002-6087

Physiology & Biochemistry

Venojärvi, M.; Kvist, M.; Jozsa, L.; Kalimo, H.; Hänninen, O.; Atalay, M.: Skeletal Muscle HSP Expression in Response to Immobilization and Remobilization
Cottin, F.; Médigue, C.; Lopes, P.; Leprêtre, P.-M.; Heubert, R.; Billat, V.: Ventilatory Thresholds Assessment from Heart Rate Variability during an Incremental Exhaustive Running Test


Training & Testing

Brickley, G.; Green, S.; Jenkins, D. G.; McEinery, M.; Wishart, C.; Doust, J. D.; Williams, C. A.: Muscle Metabolism during Constant- and Alternating-Intensity Exercise around Critical Power
Antón, M. M.; Izquierdo, M.; Ibáñez, J.; Asiain, X.; Mendiguchía, J.; Gorostiaga, E. M.: Flat and Uphill Climb Time Trial Performance Prediction in Elite Amateur Cyclists

Orthopedics & Biomechanics

Clinical Sciences

Behavioral Sciences

Rouveix, M.; Bouget, M.; Pannafieux, C.; Champely, S.; Filaire, E.: Eating Attitudes, Body Esteem, Perfectionism and Anxiety of Judo Athletes and Nonathletes