DOI: 10.1055/s-00000025

Hormone and Metabolic Research

Issue 07 · Volume 15 · July 1983 DOI: 10.1055/s-002-8529

Scremin, S.; Caprioglio, L.; D'Aquino, M.; Virgili, F.; Fabbro, A.; Okolicsanyi, L.: Glucose, Immunoreactive Insulin and C-Peptide Immunoreactivity in Patients with Acute Viral Hepatitis
Trovati, Mariella; Tamponi, G.; Marra, S.; Lorenzati, R.; Schinco, Piercarla; Bazzan, M.; Vitali, Sara; Cavalot, F.; Pagano, G.; Lenti, G.: Exercise-Induced Changes of Factor VIII Complex in Healthy Subjects and in Type-I Diabetics: Relation between Growth Hormone and Von Willebrand Factor Increments
Crandall, D. L.; Fried, Susan K.; Francendese, A. A.; Nickel, Maria; DiGirolamo, M.: Lactate Release from Isolated Rat Adipocytes: Influence of Cell Size, Glucose Concentration, Insulin and Epinephrine
Tate, P. W.; Newell, D. C.; Cook, E. E.; Martinson, D. R.; Hagen, T. C.: Lack of Effect of Serotonin and Norepinephrine on CRF Release from Hypothalami In Vitro

Short Communications

Limone, P.; Cagliero, E.; Massara, F.; Molinatti, G. M.: Reduced Glucose Tolerance after Guanfacine in Normal and Obese Subjects
Garçon, D.; Calaf, R.; Gulian, J.-M.; Castay, M.; Meignen, J.-M.; Negrin, J.-F.; Thomas, M.; Vague, J.: A Comparative Study of Epinephrine Lipolysis in Human Deltoid and Trochanter Adipose Tissue
Nair, N. P. V.; Lal, S.; Lizondo, E.; Eugenio, H.; Guyda, H.: Effect of CCK-33 on Prolactin and Apomorphine-Induced Growth Hormone Secretion in Man
Messinis, I. E.; Souvatzoglou, A.; Fais, N.; Lolis, D.: Effect of Cimetidine on Prolactin Secretion in Postpartum Women
Sethi, R.; Kukreja, S. C.; Bowser, E. N.; Hargis, G. K.; Williams, G. A.: Effect of Duodenal Acid on Parathyroid Hormone and Calcitonin: Possible Role of Secretin