DOI: 10.1055/s-00000085

The Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgeon

Issue 01 · Volume 47 · February 1999 DOI: 10.1055/s-002-8673


Deng, M. C.; De Meester, J.; Scheld, H. H.: Development of Cardiac Transplant Policy in Germany (Part 1)

Original Cardiovascular

Doerge, H.; Schoendube, F. A.; Voß, M.; Seipelt, R.; Messmer, B. J.: Surgical Therapy of Fulminant Pulmonary Embolism: Early and Late Results
Diegeler, A.; Matin, M.; Falk, V.; Battellini, R.; Walther, Th.; Autschbach, R.; Mohr, F. W.: Coronary Bypass Grafting Without Cardiopulmonary Bypass - Technical Considerations, Clinical Results, and Follow-up
Strauch, J. T.; Baryalei, M. M.; Aleksic, I.; Dalichau, H.: Experiences with the Toronto SPV Bioprosthesis After Three Years Follow-Up
Walther, T.; Falk, V.; Diegeler, A.; Rauch, T.; Weigl, C.; Gummert, J.; Autschbach, R.; Mohr, F. W.: Effectiveness of Different Anticalcification Treatments for Stentless Aortic Bioprostheses
Sablotzki, A.; Dehne, M. G.; Mann, V.; Görlach, G.; Mühling, J.; Zickmann, B.; Hempelmann, G.: Plasma Levels of Selectins and Interleukins in Cardiovascular Surgery Using Cardiopulmonary Bypass
Osswald, B. R.; Tochtermann, U.; Thomas, G.; Vahl, C. F.; Hagl, S.: Influence of Follow-up Response on Risk-Factor Analysis

Original Thoracic

Albes, J. M.; Lietzenmayer, R.; Schott, U.; Schülen, E.; Wehrmann, M.; Ziemer, G.: Improvement of Non-Small-Cell Lung Cancer Staging by Means of Positron Emission Tomography

Short Communication

Milting, H.; Bartling, B.; Schumann, H.; El-Banayosy, A.; Wlost, S.; Rüter, F.; Darmer, D.; Holtz, J.; Körfer, R.; Zerkowski, H.-R.: Altered Levels of mRNA of Apoptosis-Mediating Genes After Mid-Term Mechanical Ventricular Support in Dilative Cardiomyopathy - First Results of the Halle Assist Induced Recovery Study (HAIR)
Däbritz, S.; Sachweh, J.; Tiete, A.; Engelhardt, W.; Bernuth, G. von; Messmer, B. J.: Experience With an Adjustable Pulmonary Artery Banding Device in Two Cases: Initial Success - Midterm Failure

Case Report

Leo, F.; Nicholson, A. G.; Hansell, D. M.; Corrin, B.; Pastorino, U.: Spontaneous Regression of Large-Cell Carcinoma of the Lung - a Rare Observation in Clinical Practice

How To Do It

Urschel, J. D.; Whooley, B. P.; Petrelli, N. J.: Delayed Cervical Esophagogastric Anastomosis

Cardiovascular Review