DOI: 10.1055/s-00000028

International Journal of Sports Medicine

Issue 05 · Volume 10 · October 1989 DOI: 10.1055/s-002-9086

Stein, T. P.; Hoyt, R. W.; Toole, M'O.; Leskiw, M. J.; Schluter, M. D.; Wolfe, R. R.; Hiller, W. D. B.: Protein and Energy Metabolism During Prolonged Exercise in Trained Athletes*
Nieman, D. C.; Berk, L. S.; Simpson-Westerberg, M.; Arabatzis, K.; Youngberg, S.; Tan, S. A.; Lee, J. W.; Eby, W. C.: Effects of Long-Endurance Running on Immune System Parameters and Lymphocyte Function in Experienced Marathoners
Ballarin, E.; Borsetto, C.; Cellini, M.; Patracchini, M.; Vitiello, P.; Ziglio, P. G.; Conconi, F.: Adaptation of the “Conconi Test” to Children and Adolescents*
Borsetto, C.; Ballarin, E.; Casoni, I.; Cellini, M.; Vitiello, P.; Conconi, F.: A Field Test for Determining the Speed Obtained Through Anaerobic Glycolysis in Runners*
Dotan, R.; Rotstein, A.; Grodjinovsky, A.: Effect of Training Load on OBLA Determination
Guglielmini, C.; Casoni, I.; Patracchini, M.; Manfredini, F.; Grazzi, G.; Ferrari, M.; Conconi, F.: Reduction of Hb Levels During the Racing Season in Nonsideropenic Professional Cyclists*
Seiler, D.; Nagel, D.; Franz, H.; Hellstern, P.; Leitzmann, C.; Jung, K.: Effects of Long-Distance Running on Iron Metabolism and Hematological Parameters
Winge, S.; Jørgensen, U.; Nielsen, A. Lassen: Epidemiology of Injuries in Danish Championship Tennis*

Letter to the Editor