DOI: 10.1055/s-00035023

Veterinary and Comparative Orthopaedics and Traumatology

Issue 03 · Volume 22 · June 2009 DOI: 10.1055/s-007-35888


Johnson, Kenneth A.; Bremer, Laura: Laura Bremer joins VCOT as Managing Editor

Review Article

Original Research

Draffan, D.; Clements, D.; Farrell, M.; Heller, J.; Bennett, D.; Carmichael, S.: The role of computed tomography in the classification and management of pelvic fractures
Hofer, D.; Forterre, S.; Schweighauser, A.; Krayer, M.; Doherr, M.; Schawalder, P.; Zurbriggen, A.; Spreng, D.: Selective iNOS-inhibition does not influence apoptosis in ruptured canine cranial cruciate ligaments
Hette, K.; Rahal, S.C.; Volpi, R.S.; Pereira-Junior, O.C.M.; Mamprim, M.J.; da Silva, V. Colombi: Radiographic measurement of tibial joint angles in sheep
Hauschild, G.; Muschter, N.; Richter, A.; Ahrens, H.; Gosheger, G.; Fehr, M.; Bullerdiek, J.: Cartilage replacement in dogs

Brief Communication

Case Report

Da Silva, Adrega C.; Bernard, F.; Bardet, J.F.; Théau, V.; Krimer, P. M.: Fibrotic myopathy of the iliopsoas muscle in a dog
Mueller, M. C.; Gradner, G.; Hittmair, K. M.; Dupré, G.; Bockstahler, B. A.: Conservative treatment of partial gastrocnemius muscle avulsions in dogs using therapeutic ultrasound
Franch, J.; Bertrán, J.; Remolins, G.; Fontecha, P.; Díaz-Bertrana, M.C.; Durall, I.: Simultaneous bilateral contracture of the infraspinatus muscle
Spadari, A.; Spinella, G.; Romagnoli, N.; Valentini, S.: Rupture of the lateral lobe of the biceps brachii tendon in an Arabian horse