DOI: 10.1055/s-00035024

Thrombosis and Haemostasis

Issue 05 · Volume 77 · 1997 DOI: 10.1055/s-008-40754

Rapid Communications

Abdelouahed, Mustapha; Hatmi, Mohamed; Helft, Gérard; Emadi, Sharareh; Elalamy, Ismaïl; Samama, Meyer Michel: Comparative Effects of Recombinant Staphylokinase and Streptokinase on Platelet Aggregation

Cinical Studies

Arruda, Valder R; von Zuben, Paula M; Chiaparini, Luiz C; Annichino-Bizzacchi, Joyce M; Costa, Fernando F: The Mutation Ala677→Val in the Methylene Tetrahydrofolate Reductase Gene: A Risk Factor for Arterial Disease and Venous Thrombosis
Grandone, Elvira; Margaglione, Maurizio; Colaizzo, Donatella; d'Addedda, Marina; Cappucci, Giuseppe; Vecchione, Gennaro; Sciannamé, Natale; Pavone, G; Di Minno, G: Factor V Leiden Is Associated with Repeated and Recurrent Unexplained Fetal Losses
Kyrle, P A; Eichinger, S; Pabinger, I; Stümpflen, A; Hirschl, M; Bialonczyk, C; Schneider, B; Mannhalter, C; Melichart, M; Traxler, G; Weltermann, A; Speiser, W; Lechner, K: Prothrombin Fragment F1+2 Is not Predictive for Recurrent Venous Thromboembolism
Schiele, François; Lindgaerde, Folke; Eriksson, Henry; Bassand, Jean-Pierre; Wallmark, Anders; Hansson, Per-Olaf; Grollier, Gilles; Sjo, Malvin; Moia, Marco; Camez, Anne; Smyth, Vince; for the International Multicentre Hirudin Study Group; Walker, Michael: Subcutaneous Recombinant Hirudin (HBW 023) Versus Intravenous Sodium Heparin in Treatment of Established Acute Deep Vein Thrombosis of the Legs: a Multicentre Prospective Dose-ranging Randomized Trial
Pengo, Vittorio; Barbero, Fabio; Banzato, Alberto; Garelli, Elisabetta; Noventa, Franco; Biasiolo, Alessandro; Zasso, Antonella; Volta, Sergio Dalla: A Comparison of a Moderate with Moderate-high Intensity Oral Anticoagulant Treatment in Patients with Mechanical Heart Valve Prostheses

Clinical Studies

Suzuki, Hiroshi; Shima, Midori; Arai, Morio; Kagawa, Kazuhiko; Fukutake, Katuyuki; Kamisue, Seiki; Nakai, Hiroaki; Morichika, Shogo; Tanaka, Ichiro; Inoue, Masakazu; Gale, koren; Tuddenham, Edward G D; Yoshioka, Akira: Factor VIII Ise (R2159C) in a Patient with Mild Hemophilia A, an Abnormal Factor VIII with Retention of Function but Modification of C2 Epitopes
Sheng, Li; Soumillion, Ann; Peerlinck, Kathelijne; Verslype, Chris; Lin, Lan; Pelt, Jos van; Hess, Georg; Vermylen, Jozef; Yap, Sing Hiem: Hepatitis G Viral RNA in Serum and in Peripheral Blood Mononuclear Cells and Its Relation to HCV-RNA in Patients with Clotting Disorders

Clinicla studies

Clinical Stydies

Abuaf, N; Laperche, S; Rajoely, B; Carsique, R; Deschamps, A; Rouquette, A M; Barthet, C; Khaled, Z; Marbot, C; Saab, N; Rozen, J; Girard, P M; Rozenbaum, W: Autoantibodies to Phospholipids and to the Coagulation Proteins in AIDS


Koeleman, Bobby P C; Reitsma, Pieter H; Bakker, Egbert; Bertina, Rogier M: Location on the Human Genetic Linkage Map of 26 Genes Involved in Blood Coagulation
Väisänen, Sari; Rauramaa, Rainer; Penttilä, IIkka; Rankinen, Tuomo; Gagnon, Jacques; Pérusse, Louis; Chagnon, Monique; Bouchard, Claude: Variation in Plasma Fibrinogen over One Year: Relationships with Genetic Polymorphisms and Non-genetic Factors
Ishikawa, Shizukiyo; Kario, Kazuomi; Nago, Naoki; Kayaba, Kazunori; Hiraoka, Jun; Matsuo, Hitoshi; Goto, Tadao; Miyamoto, Takeshi; Tsutsumi, Akizumi; Nakamura, Yoshikazu; Shimada, Kazuyuki; Inoue, Kazuo; Igarashi, Masahiro: Factor VII and Fibrinogen Levels Examined by Age, Sex, and other Atherosclerotic Risk Factors in a Japanese Population
Kruithof, Egbert K O; Mestries, Jean Claude; Gascon, Marie-Paule; Ythier, Arnaud: The Coagulation and Fibrinolytic Responses of Baboons after In Vivo Thrombin Generation – Effect of Interleukin 6
Esslinger, Hans-Ulrich; Haas, Sylvia; Maurer, Robert; Lassmann, Axel; Dübbers, Katrin; Müller-Peltzer, Herbert: Pharmacodynamic and Safety Results of PEG-Hirudin in Healthy Volunteers
Pötzsch, Bernd; Madlener, Katharina; Seelig, Christoph; Riess, Christian F; Greinacher, Andreas; Müller-Berghaus, Gert: Monitoring of r-Hirudin Anticoagulation during Cardiopulmonary Bypass – Assessment of the Whole Blood Ecarin Clotting Time
Gilles, Jean Guy G; Peerlinck, Kathelijne; Arnout, Jef; Vermylen, Jos; Saint-Remy, Jean-Marie R: Restricted Epitope Specificity of Anti-FVIII Antibodies that Appeared during a Recent Outbreak of Inhibitors
Liles, Darla; Landen, Charles N; Monroe, Dougald M; Lindley, Celeste M; Read, Marjorie s; Roberts, Harold R; Brinkhous, Kenneth M: Extravascular Administration of Factor IX: Potential for Replacement Therapy of Canine and Human Hemophilia B


Prins, J; Lues, F R; van der Hoek, Y Y; Kastelein, J J.P; Bouma, B N; van Rijn, H J.M: The Identification and Significance of a Thr→Pro Polymorphism in Kringle IV Type 8 of Apolipoprotein(a)
Stein, D; Heins, M; Schoebel, F C; Pels, K; Jax, T W; Stiegler, H; Reinauer, H; Strauer, B E; Leschke, M: Activation of the Fibrinolytic System in Patients with Coronary Artery Disease and Hyperfibrinogenemia


Gálvez, Angel; Gómez-Ortiz, Goretti; Díaz-Ricart, Maribel; Escolar, Ginés; González-Sarmiento, Rogelio; Zurbano, María J; Ordinas, Antonio; Castillo, Ricardo: Desmopressin (DDAVP) Enhances Platelet Adhesion to the Extracellular Matrix of Cultured Human Endothelial Cells through Increased Expression of Tissue Factor
Depraetere, H; Wille, C; Gansemans, Y; Stanssens, P; Lauwereys, M; Baruch, D; De Reys, S; Deckmyn, H: The Integrin α2β1 (GPIa/IIa)-I-Domain Inhibits Platelet-Collagen Interaction
Cattaneo, Marco; Lombardi, Rossana; Zighetti, Maddalena L; Gachet, Christian; Ohlmann, Philippe; Cazenave, Jean-Pierre; Mannucci, Pier Mannuccio: Deficiency of (33P)2MeS-ADP Binding Sites on Platelets with Secretion Defect, Normal Granule Stores and Normal Thromboxane A2 Production
Saniabadi, Abby R; Umemura, Kazou; Shimoyama, Makiko; Adachi, Masakazu; Nakano, Minoru; Nakashima, Mitsuyoshi: Aggregation of Human Blood Platelets by Remnant Like Lipoprotein Particles of Plasma Chylomicrons and Very Low Density Lipoproteins
Rajasekhar, Damodara; Barnard, Marc R; Bednarek, Francis J; Michelson, Alan D: Platelet Hyporeactivity in Very Low Birth Weight Neonates

Von Willebrand Factor

Lankhof, Hanneke; Damas, Conchi; Schiphorst, Marion E; Ijsseldijk, Martin J W; Bracke, Madelon; Furlan, Miha; Tsai, Han-Mou; de Groot, Philip G; Sixma, Jan J; Vink, Tom: von Willebrand Factor without the A2 Domain Is Resistant to Proteolysis

Vessel Wall

Animal models

Wolf, Roman F; Gilmore, Laura S; Friese, Paul; Downs, Tamyra; Burstein, Samuel A; Dale, George L: Erythropoietin Potentiates Thrombus Development in a Canine Arterio-Venous Shunt Model

Scientific and Standardization Committee Communication

Letter to the Editor

Hayashi, Tomohiro; Suzuki, Keijiroh; Yahagi, Akito; Akiba, Jiroh; Tajima, Katsushi; Satoh, Shinji; Sasaki, Hideo: Corrected DNA Sequence of the Platelet Glycoprotein IX Gene
Grandone, Elvira; Margaglione, Maurizio; Colaizzo, Donatella; Montanaro, Sergio; Pavone, Giuseppe; Minno, Giovanni Di: Presence of FV Leiden and MTHFR Mutation in a Patient with Complicated Pregnancies
Guérin, Viviane; Couchouron, Anne; Vergnes, Christine; Parrens, Eric; Vernhes, Jean Philippe; Constans, Joel; Boisseau, Michel: Antiphospholipid Syndromes with Anti-Human β2-Glycoprotein I Antibodies despite Negative Reactivity in Conventional aPL and LA Assays
Brennan, S O; Ridgway, H; Stormorken, H; Brosstad, F; George, P M: Characterisation of Fibrinogen Oslo IV by Electrospray Mass Spectrometry
Fiessinger, Jean-Noël; Héron, Emmanuel; Jacq, Frédéric; Rance, Arnaud; Emmerich, Joseph: Rapid Blood Test for the Exclusion of Venous Thromboembolism in Symptomatic Outpatients
Helft, G; Metzger, J Ph; Samama, M M; Rothschild, C; Batisse, J P; Vacheron, A: Coronary Stenting in a Hemophilic Patient