DOI: 10.1055/s-00035024

Thrombosis and Haemostasis

Issue 05 · Volume 44 · 1980 DOI: 10.1055/s-009-45112

Original Article

Rajtar, G; Livio, M; Merino, J; Gaetano, G de: Malondialdehyde Formation in Rat Platelet-Rich Plasma
Livio, M; Rajtar, G; Merino, J; Gaetano, G de: Malondialdehyde Formation in Rat Platelet-Rich Plasma
Potter, Elizabeth V; Shaughnessy, Martha A; Green, David: Some Immunofluorescent Observations on Factor VIII/von Willebrand Factor in Dogs
Heyns, A duP; Lötter, M G; Badenhorst, P N; Kotze, H; Killian, F C; Herbst, C; Reenen, O R van; Minnaar, P C: Kinetics and in Vivo Redistribution of 111Indium-Labelled Human Platelets after Intravenous Protamine Sulphate
Viganó, S; Cattaneo, M; Gervasoni, W; Mannucci, P M: Increased Fibrinopeptide A after Prothrombin Complex Concentrates
Sullivan, Jay M; Taylor, J Charles; Samaha, Joseph K; With the technical assistance of; Lamar, Patti; Patrick, Darrell R: Platelet Malondialdehyde in Cardiovascular Disease: Effect of Prosthetic Heart Valves and Cardioactive Drugs on Production
O'Brien, John R; Etherington, Michael D; Shuttleworth, Robert D; Calwell, William H: Platelet Function in Acute Myocardial Infarction Patients Compared with Controls
Heyns, Anthon duP; Lötter, Matthys G; Badenhorst, Philip N; Reenen, Otto van; Pieters, Henry; Minnaar, Phil C: Kinetics and Fate of 111Indium-Oxine Labelled Blood Platelets in Asplenic Subjects

Letter of the Editor

Cella, Giuseppe; Casonato, Alessandra; Visintin, Laura; Girolami, Antonio: Heparins and Release
Franchi, Franca; Canciani, M T; Mannucci, P M: The β-Thromboglobulin Test
Harfenist, Elizabeth J; Izzotti, Michael J; Packham, Marian A; Mustard, J Fraser: Plasma Fibronectin Is Not Involved in ADP-Induced Aggregation of Rabbit Platelets