DOI: 10.1055/s-00035024

Thrombosis and Haemostasis

Issue 09 · Volume 78 · 1997 DOI: 10.1055/s-009-45175

Review Article

Treib, Johannes; Haass, Anton; Pindur, Gerhard: Coagulation Disorders Caused by Hydroxyethyl Starch

Rapid Communication

Mennen, Louise I; de Maat, Moniek P M; Schouten, Evert G; Kluft, Cornelis; de Jong, Paulus T V. M; Hofman, Albert; Grobbee, Diederick E: Coagulation Factor VII, Serum-Triglycerides and the R/Q353 Polymorphism: Differences between Older Men and Women
Svensson, P J; Benoni, G; Fredin, H; Bjӧrgell, O; Nilsson, P; Hedlund, U; Nylander, G; Bergqvist, D; Dahlbäck, B: Female Gender and Resistance to Activated Protein C (FV:Q506) as Potential Risk Factors for Thrombosis after Elective Hip Arthroplasty
Bounameaux, Henri; Ehringer, Herbert; Hulting, Johan; Rasche, Herbert; Rapold, Hans J; Zultak, Maurice; ADVENT Investigators: An Exploratory Trial of Two Dosages of a Novel Synthetic Thrombin Inhibitor (Napsagatran, Ro 46-6240) Compared with Unfractionated Heparin for Treatment of Proximal Deep-vein Thrombosis
Mueller, Michael Rolf; Salat, Andreas; Stangl, Petra; Murabito, Marco; Pulaki, Sad; Boehm, Dagmar; Koppensteiner, Renate; Ergun, Erdem; Mittlboeck, Martina; Schreiner, Wolfgang; Losert, Udo; Wolner, Ernst: Variable Platelet Response to Low-dose ASA and the Risk of Limb Deterioration in Patients Submitted to Peripheral Arterial Angioplasty
Forastiero, Ricardo R; Martinuzzo, Marta E; Cerrato, Graciela S; Kordich, Lucía C; Carreras, Luis O: Relationship of Anti β2-giycoprotein I and Anti Prothrombin Antibodies to Thrombosis and Pregnancy Loss in Patients with Antiphospholipid Antibodies
van Griensven, Jean M T; Koster, Rudolph W; Hopkins, Gwynn R; Beier, Horst; Günzler, Wolfgang A; Kroon, Ria; Schoemaker, Rik C; Cohen, Adam F: Effect of Changes in Liver Blood Flow on the Pharmacokinetics of Saruplase in Patients with Acute Myocardial Infarction
Montaruli, Barbara; Schinco, Piercarla; Pannocchia, Antonella; Giorgianni, Angelica; Borchiellini, Alessandra; Tamponi, Giacomo; Pileri, Alessandro: Use of Modified Functional Assays for Activated Protein C Resistance in Patients with Basally Prolonged aPTT
Bom, J G van der; Maat, M P M de; Bots, M L; Hofman, A; Kluft, C; Grobbee, D E: Seasonal Variation in Fibrinogen in the Rotterdam Study
Braaten, Julie V; Goss, Rachel A; Francis, Charles W: Ultrasound Reversibly Disaggregates Fibrin Fibers
Braun, Paul J; Givens, Thomas B; Stead, Andrew G; Beck, Lisa R; Gooch, Sheila A; Swan, Robert J; Fischer, Timothy J: Properties of Optical Data from Activated Partial Thromboplastin Time and Prothrombin Time Assays
Niessen, R W L M; Lamping, R J; Jansen, P M; Prins, M H; Peters, M; Taylor, F B; de Vijlder, J J M; ten Cate, J W; Hack, C E; Sturk, A: Antithrombin Acts as a Negative Acute Phase Protein as Established with Studies on HepG2 Cells and in Baboons
Arza, Begoña; Félez, Jordi; Lopez-Alemany, Roser; Miles, Lindsey A; Munñoz-Cánoves, Pura: Identification of an Epitope of α-Enolase (a Candidate Plasminogen Receptor) by Phage Display
Okada, K; Lijnen, H R; Dewerchin, M; Belayew, A; Matsuo, O; Collen, D; Bernaerts, R: Characterization and Targeting of the Murine α2-Antiplasmin Gene
Nowak-Göttl, Ulrike; Binder, Martha; Dübbers, Angelika; Kehrel, Beate; Koch, Hans-Georg; Veltmann, Hildegard; Vielhaber, Heinrich: Arg506 to Gin Mutation in the Factor V Gene Causes Poor Fibrinolytic Response in Children after Venous Occlusion
Ramachandran, Ram; Klufas, Alexandra S; Molino, Marina; Ahuja, Menaka; Hoxie, James A; Brass, Lowrence F: Release of the Thrombin Receptor (PAR-1) N-terminus from the Surface of Human Platelets Activated by Thrombin
Federici, A B; Mannucci, P M; Stabile, F; Canciani, M T; Di Rocco, N; Miyata, S; Ware, J; Ruggeri, Z M: A Type 2b von Willebrand Disease Mutation (lle546→Val) Associated with an Unusual Phenotype
Sato, Yuichiro; Asada, Yujiro; Marutsuka, Kousuke; Hatakeyama, Kinta; Kamikubo, Yuichi; Sumiyoshi, Akinobu: Tissue Factor Pathway Inhibitor Inhibits Aortic Smooth Muscle Cell Migration Induced by Tissue Factor/Factor VIIa Complex
Himber, Jacques; Kirchhofer, Daniel; Riederer, Markus; Tschopp, Thomas B; Steiner, Beat; Roux, Sébastien P: Dissociation of Antithrombotic Effect and Bleeding Time Prolongation in Rabbits by Inhibiting Tissue Factor Function

Letter to the Editor

Poort, Swibertus R; Bertina, Rogier M; Vos, Hans L: Rapid Detection of the Prothrombin 20210 A Variation by Allele Specific PCR
Faure-Delanef, Laurence; Quéré, Isabelle; Zouali, Habib; Cohen, Daniel: Human Longevity and R506Q Factor V Gene Mutation
Junker, Ralf; Käse, Margit; Erren, Michael; Assmann, Gerd: No Apparent Restriction on Measuring FVIIa in Frozen Plasma