DOI: 10.1055/s-00000018

Facial Plastic Surgery

Issue 04 · Volume 39 · August 2023 DOI: 10.1055/s-013-57895 Rhinoplasty Guest Editor: Miguel Gonçalves Ferreira, MD, PhD


Original Article

Ferreira, Miguel Gonçalves; Gubisch, Wolfgang; Pearlman, Steve; Sykes, Jonathan; Özmen, Selahattin: Credit for Truly Novel Ideas? A Critical Approach to the Intellectual Authorship in Surgery
Gassner, Holger G.; Ordonez, Francisco; Nunes, Rita: The Limits of Evidence in Rhinoplasty
DeSisto, Nicole G.; Okland, Tyler S.; Patel, Priyesh N.; Most, Sam P.: State of the Evidence for Preservation Rhinoplasty: A Systematic Review
McIntosh, Cameron; Stutterheim, James; Prinsloo, Hendrick; Randall, Michael; Toman, Julia; Pisapia, Francesco: The RhinoCEROS Guidelines: A Practical Tool for Reporting Nasal Anatomy on Computed Tomography Pertaining to Rhinoplasty
Machado, André Sousa; Santos, Mariline; Silva, Ana; Saltychev, Mikhail; Meireles, Luis; Most, Sam; Ferreira, Miguel Gonçalves: Validation of the European Portuguese Language Version of the Standardized Cosmesis and Health Nasal Outcomes Survey
Maldonado-Chapa, Felix; Datema, Frank R.; van Zijl, Floris V.W.J.; Bran, Gregor; Flores-Torres, Oscar A.; Stapleton-Garcia, Pedro; Filipović, Boris; Lohuis, Peter J.F.M.: Clinical Benefits of the Utrecht Questionnaire for Aesthetic Outcome Assessment in Rhinoplasty: An Update
van Dam, Victor S.; van Zijl, Floris V.W.J.; Lohuis, Peter J.F.M.; Datema, Frank R.: Functional and Aesthetic Outcomes of Septal Reconstructions: Results of a Prospective Longitudinal Outcome Study