DOI: 10.1055/s-00034447

ACI Open

Issue 01 · Volume 08 · January 2024 DOI: 10.1055/s-014-59154

Research Article

Shu, Derek; Xu, Catherine T.; Pandey, Somya; Walls, Virginia; Tenney, Kristen; Georgilis, Abby; Melink, Lisa; Wu, Danny T.Y.; Molano, Jennifer Rose: User-centered Design and Formative Evaluation of a Web Application to Collect and Visualize Real-time Clinician Well-being Levels
Biady, Yasmine; Lee, Teresa; Pham, Lily; Patanwala, Asad; Poon, Simon; Ritchie, Angus; Burke, Rosemary; Penm, Jonathan: Factors Influencing Health Care Professionals' Perceptions of Frequent Drug–Drug Interaction Alerts
Williams, Abigail M.; Davis, Claire L.; Bjoring, Margot; Blackstone, Kris; Barros, Andrew J.; Enfield, Kyle B.: A Usability Survey of a Quality Improvement Data Visualization Tool among Medical Intensive Care Unit Nurses

Case Report