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Anti-Aging – gesundes Altern

Anti-Aging – healthy aging
Thomas Münzer

Der Traum von der ewigen Jugend und die Suche nach deren Quelle sind so alt wie die Menschheit. Was vor über hundert Jahren mit heroischen medizinischen Selbstversuchen begann, wird im 21. Jahrhundert, meist im Internet und basierend auf neueren Erkenntnissen aus der Zellbiologie, vermarktet. Die vorliegende Arbeit gibt einen Überblick über die derzeit „heißesten“ Produkte auf dem Markt.


Anti-aging products still are a big business worldwide. The most active promoters of anti-aging products currently are internet dealers, the cosmetic and the dairy industry or companies that sell nutritional supplements. Only a few of the advertised substances however have been studied in clinical trials under robust conditions. Several drugs demonstrate positive effects on intracellular mechanisms that are associated with delayed cellular aging. This does not mean that they are in delaying human aging. In contrast, key elements that provide successful healthy and long aging in humans are physical and mental activity a balanced, mediterranean diet and social contacts.

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Article published online:
14 April 2021

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