Clin Colon Rectal Surg 2010; 23(4): 269-273
DOI: 10.1055/s-0030-1268253
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Ileorectal Anastomosis and Proctocolectomy with End Ileostomy for Ulcerative Colitis

Andre da Luz Moreira1 , Ian C. Lavery2
  • 1Division of Colorectal Surgery, Rio de Janeiro State University Medical School, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
  • 2Department of Colorectal Surgery, Digestive Disease Institute, Cleveland Clinic, Cleveland, Ohio
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07 December 2010 (online)


Until the development of the ileal pouch-anal anastomosis in the early 1980s, proctocolectomy with end ileostomy was the only definitive surgery for ulcerative colitis and colectomy with ileorectal anastomosis was the procedure of choice for affected patients who were reluctant to have a permanent ileostomy. Currently, ileal pouch-anal anastomosis is the most common procedure for patients with ulcerative colitis requiring surgical treatment. However, there is still a role for ileorectal anastomosis and proctocolectomy with end ileostomy for a selected group of patients. In this review, the authors summarize the current indications for ileorectal anastomosis and proctocolectomy with end ileostomy in patients with ulcerative colitis.


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Ian C LaveryM.D. 

Digestive Disease Institute, Desk A30, Cleveland Clinic

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