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Systematic Review – The Surgical Management of Vestibular Disorders
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Endolymphatic Sac Surgery for Ménière's Disease – Current Opinion and Literature Review

Maria de Lourdes Flores García
1   Otorhinolaryngology Department, Grupo Otológico Médica Sur, México, DF, Mexico
Carolina de la Llata Segura
1   Otorhinolaryngology Department, Grupo Otológico Médica Sur, México, DF, Mexico
Juan Carlos Cisneros Lesser
2   Otorhinolaryngology and Neurotology Department, Instituto Nacional de Rehabilitación, México, DF, Mexico
Carlo Pane Pianese
3   Otorhinolaryngology and Neurotology, Grupo Otológico Médica Sur, Neurociencias Clínicas e Investigación, Ciudad de México, DF, Mexico
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02 December 2016

01 February 2017

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31 March 2017 (online)


Introduction The endolymphatic sac is thought to maintain the hydrostatic pressure and endolymph homeostasis for the inner ear, and its dysfunction may contribute to the pathophysiology of Ménière's disease. Throughout the years, different surgical procedures for intractable vertigo secondary to Ménière's disease have been described, and though many authors consider these procedures as effective, there are some who question its long-term efficacy and even those who think that vertigo control is achieved more due to a placebo effect than because of the procedure itself.

Objective To review the different surgical procedures performed in the endolymphatic sac for the treatment of Ménière's disease.

Data Sources PubMed, MD consult and Ovid-SP databases.

Data Synthesis We focus on describing the different surgical procedures performed in the endolymphatic sac, such as endolymphatic sac decompression, endolymphatic sac enhancement, endolymphatic sac shunting and endolymphatic duct blockage, their pitfalls and advantages, their results in vertigo control and the complication rates. The senior author also describes his experience after 30 years of performing endolymphatic sac surgery.

Conclusions The endolymphatic sac surgery, with all its variants, is a good option for patients with incapacitating endolymphatic hydrops, providing a high percentage of vertigo control and hearing preservation.

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