Allgemeine Homöopathische Zeitung 2017; 262(02): 2-76
DOI: 10.1055/s-0037-1601182
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Twenty years of MS, under exclusively homeopathic treatment regarding the effect of high potencies in severe acute episodes

Seit zwanzig Jahren MS – Langzeitverlauf unter ausschließlich homöopathischer Behandlung mit besonderer Betrachtung der Wirkung von Höchstpotenzen in schweren akuten Schüben

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A Prollius
1  Melanie-Hahnemann-Kolleg, Detmold, Germany
2  LMU München, München, Germany
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Publication Date:
21 March 2017 (online)



Mr. W., 63 years old, an Englishman living in Germany, married, two daughters, muscular, six-foot-three tall. Diagnosed at the age of 43 with acute MS he only desired homeopathic treatment. Is that possible?


Unbearable headaches, electrical sensations throughout the body with dizziness, double vision without modalities, fast exhaustibility.

Line of action:

First prescription: Plumbum metallicum C200 with prompt recovery. Repetition of these and other remedies for about six months to 2½ years.


In the past 20 years quite a number of MS episodes were manifested and accordingly controlled with the optional, indicated remedies. Noticeable: secure and extremely fast effect of high to extremely high potencies, C30 to CM. The symptoms enfolded: Pharyngitis, nephrolithic colic, severe flu-like phases and syncopes, all entirely homeopathic coped, with potencies of C30 to CM in a remarkably short time.

Present state and condition of the patient:

There is one superior complaint left: a pronounced nocturia with often disturbed sleep and, therefore, a following debilitating daytime sleepiness: Perhaps, not primarily due to MS, but also tended and intensified by a very deep large scar on the thigh due to an old gunshot wound: According to TCM a conceivable disorder of the clinically intact renal function. Therefore, acupuncture is recommended.

Recap and conclusion:

A case of MS which has been diagnostically confirmed by partial severe episodes over 20 years. It can be solely and effectively treated homeopathically. Patient's quote: “I suffer from MS, guess what, no one believes that!”