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DOI: 10.1055/s-0039-3400213

Equipoise Is a Slippery Eel

Sanjay Kalra
1  Department of Diabetology, DiaCare Diabetes Clinic, Ahmedabad, Gujarat, India
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The word “equipoise” is a versatile one. Used as a noun, it implies a “balance of forces or interests,” or a “counterbalance or balancing force.” As a verb, it is used to convey the act of balancing or counterbalancing.[1] The use of this word, however, has fallen dramatically over the past century. Is this because the concept of equipoise is difficult to achieve?

In this editorial, we enumerate and discuss the domains of equipoise, as related to diabetes care ([Table 1]), and wonder if equipoise will always be a slippery eel.

Table 1

Equipoise in diabetes

Related to the patient

• Emotional equipoise

• Glycemic equipoise

• Vasculometabolic equipoise

Related to the professional

• Emotional equipoise

• Professional equipoise

Related to family/community

• Community equipoise

Related to interaction and treatment

• Therapeutic equipoise

• Information equipoise

• Equipoised intrusion

Related to cardiovascular trials

• Glycemic equipoise

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30 March 2020 (online)

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