Semin Hear 2020; 41(02): 083-091
DOI: 10.1055/s-0040-1708526
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Ethics and Etiquette in Humanitarian Engagement—101

Jackie L. Clark
1  Callier Center, University of Texas at Dallas, Dallas, Texas
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07 April 2020 (online)


As the travel industry continues to grow, so does the creation and proliferation of voluntourism opportunities offered to individuals who want to impact the lives of populations due to adversities or misfortunes of war, weather, or poverty. A more popular form of tourism for individuals to volunteer professional or personal expertise in a chartable manner is often termed “voluntourism.” Unquestionably, there is a lure to volunteer for a short-term experience in exotic lands with the hopes of improving living conditions. This article aims to identify how an individual can move from being a well-meaning voluntourist to an engaged and dedicated humanitarian by following professional ethical principles and etiquette behavior.