J Am Acad Audiol 2002; 13(08): 428-437
DOI: 10.1055/s-0040-1716006
American Academy of Audiology. All rights reserved. (2002) American Academy of Audiology

Interaural Asymmetries Revealed by Dichotic Listening Tests in Normal and Dyslexic Children

Deborah W. Moncrieff
Frank E. Musiek
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07. August 2020 (online)

Normal and dyslexic right-handed children were assessed with three dichotic listening tests, the Dichotic Digits test, the Competing Words subtest of the SCAN, and the Dichotic Consonant-Vowel test. Performance was measured as both number and percentage of correct responses in the right and left ears. Laterality was defined as a simple difference in percentage between the two ears. Differences across the tests were revealed for all children, with the greatest differences occurring for left-ear responses. Only one dichotic listening test, Competing Words from the SCAN, produced a consistent right-ear advantage across all of the children tested. Between groups of children, differences in performance and in laterality were demonstrated. Using a criterion of poorer than 76 percent correct for the left ear, the Competing Words subtest of the SCAN identified 7 of the 10 dyslexic children as abnormal, with no false alarms in the control group.