Klin Neurophysiol 2016; 47(04): 180-188
DOI: 10.1055/s-0042-118020
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Bildgebung peripherer Nerven (Sonografie; MRT): Vorschlag für eine Systematik zu Indikationen für die klinische Praxis an Fallbeispielen

Imaging of Peripheral Nerves (sonography; MRI): Proposal for a System of Indications for Use in Clinical Practice – a Case StudyM. Bußmeyer, H. Buchner
  • Klinik für Neurologie und klinische Neurophysiologie, Klinikum Vest, Recklinghausen
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17 October 2016 (eFirst)


For investigating peripheral nerves, there are technically well established imaging methods (sonography, MRI). In clinical practice, in every single case, a decision has to be made as to the necessity for diagnostic nerve imaging. We propose a system for decision-making and illustrate it with selected cases. A prerequisite is an electrophysiological diagnosis, neuro-/myography, with evidence of peripheral nerve lesion. Additionally, if one of the following questions is answered positively, an indication for an imaging study is given:

  • Is the localization of nerve damage unclear after electrodiagnostic tests?

  • Is a typical nerve compression syndrome absent?

  • Is there traumatic or postoperative nerve damage?

  • Does symptom amelioration fail to occur within the expected timeframe?