Endoscopy 2018; 50(05): 518-523
DOI: 10.1055/s-0043-123577
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Motorized spiral colonoscopy: a first single-center feasibility trial

Torsten Beyna*
Department of Gastroenterology, Evangelisches Krankenhaus Düsseldorf, Düsseldorf, Germany
Markus Schneider*
David Pullmann
Christian Gerges
Jennis Kandler
Horst Neuhaus
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TRIAL REGISTRATION: Prospective Study NCT03000361 at clinicaltrials.gov
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submitted 13 June 2017

accepted after revision 16 October 2017

Publication Date:
18 December 2017 (eFirst)


Background Cecal intubation rate represents a key procedural quality parameter in diagnostic colonoscopy. However, even experienced investigators report 10 % of all colonoscopies to be difficult and intubation of the cecum is sometimes impossible. A recently developed novel motorized spiral endoscope might potentially overcome some limitations of standard colonoscopy by actively pleating the bowel onto the endoscope. The study aim was to evaluate the feasibility and safety of motorized spiral colonoscopy (MSC) for diagnostic colonoscopy.

Methods 30 consecutive patients with an indication for diagnostic colonoscopy were enrolled in a proof-of-concept single-center trial.

Results 13 men and 17 women (mean age 68.9 years, range 30 – 90) were enrolled; 43.3 % had diverticula. Mean procedure time was 20.8 min (range 11.4 – 55.3). Cecal intubation rate was 96.7 %. One incomplete colonoscopy occurred because of an unexpected postinflammatory stricture. Adenoma detection rate was 46.6 %. No severe adverse events occurred.

Conclusions Results indicate that MSC is safe and effective for diagnostic colonoscopy. It potentially offers advantages in terms of ease and it may facilitate therapeutic interventions.

* These authors contributed equally.