Horm Metab Res 1996; 28(12): 728-731
DOI: 10.1055/s-2007-979888
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Serum Leptin Levels Following Hypothalamic Surgery

G. Brabant1 , R. Horn1 , B. Mayr1 , A. von zur Mühlen1 , J. Honegger2 , M. Buchfelder2
  • 1Abt. Klinische Endokrinologie, Medizinische Hochschule, Hannover
  • 2Neurochirurgische Klinik, Universität Erlangen, Erlangen, Germany
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23 April 2007 (online)


To study a potential alteration of hypothalamic centers involved in the negative feedback action of leptin on body weight, serum leptin levels were measured in relation to BMI in 18 patients following surgery for a hypothalamic craniopharyngioma (Ctx), and were compared to levels found in 21 patients operated for a pituitary adenoma (Ptx) or in healthy control subjects. All subjects with Ptx received rhGH replacement therapy (0.5 to 2 IU/m2/d), and serum leptin levels were followed in 3 months intervals over 24 months. Serum leptin levels in patients with Ptx were comparable to controls, whereas 7 of the 18 patients with Ctx had higher than expected concentrations for their BMI. GH treatment in Ptx subjects did not alter serum leptin levels. In 5 Ctx patients where preoperative samples were available, weight gain in parallel to an increase in serum leptin levels was observed but only minimal changes in 4 others. Our data support the role of leptin as an important marker of body weight. The rapid increase in serum leptin levels observed in some Ctx subjects suggests that early postoperative measurement of serum leptin levels may help to identify patients at risk of weight gain following hypothalamic destruction.