DOI: 10.1055/s-00000025

Hormone and Metabolic Research

Issue 12 · Volume 28 · December 1996 DOI: 10.1055/s-002-6654



Saladin, R.; Staels, B.; Auwerx, J.; Briggs, M.: Regulation of OB Gene Expression in Rodents and Humans
Rohner-Jeanrenaud, F.; Cusin, I.; Sainsbury, A.; Zakrzowska, K. E.; Jeanrenaud, B.: The Loop System Between Neuropeptide Y and Leptin in Normal and Obese Rodents

Originals Basic

Rock, F. L.; Altmann, S. W.; van Heek, M.; Kastelein, R. A.; Bazan, J. F.: The Liptin Haemopoietic Cytokine Fold is Stabilized by an Intrachain Disulfide Bond
Van Heek, M.; Mullins, D. E.; Wirth, M. A.; Graziano, M. P.; Fawzi, A. B.; Compton, D. S.; France, C. F.; Hoos, L. M.; Casale, R. L.; Sybertz, E. J.; Strader, C. D.; Davis, H. R.: The Relationship of Tissue Localization, Distribution and Turnover to Feeding After Intraperitoneal 125I-Leptin Administration to ob/ob and db/db Mice
Seeley, R. J.; van Dijk, G.; Campfield, L. A.; Smith, F. J.; Burn, P.; Nelligan, J. A.; Bell, S. M.; Baskin, D. G.; Woods, S. C.; Schwartz, M. W.: Intraventricular Leptin Reduces Food Intake and Body Weight of Lean Rats but Not Obese Zucker Rats
Mizuno, T.; Bergen, H.; Kleopoulos, S.; Bauman, W. A.; Mobbs, C. V.: Effects of Nutritional Status and Aging on Leptin Gene Expression in Mice: Importance of Glucose
Hube, F.; Lietz, U.; Igel, M.; Jensen, P. B.; Tornqvist, H.; Joost, H.-G.; Hauner, H.: Difference in Leptin mRNA Levels Between Omental and Subcutaneous Abdominal Adipose Tissue From Obese Humans
Fawzi, A. B.; Zhang, H.; van Heek, M.; Graziano, M. P.: Purification of Milligram Quantities of Human Leptin From Recombinant E. Coli

Originals Clinical

Wing, R. R.; Sinha, M. K.; Considine, R. V.; Lang, W.; Caro, J. F.: Relationship Between Weight Loss Maintenance and Changes in Serum Leptin Levels
Kiess, W.; Englaro, P.; Hanitsch, S.; Rascher, W.; Attanasio, A.; Blum, W. F.: High Leptin Concentrations in Serum of Very Obese Children are Further Stimulated by Dexamethasone
Leal-Cerro, A.; Considine, R. V.; Peino, R.; Venegas, E.; Astorga, R.; Casanueva, F. F.; Dieguez, C.: Serum Immunoreactive-Leptin Levels are Increased in Patients With Cushing's Syndrome
Deuschle, M.; Blum, W. F.; Englaro, P.; Schweiger, U.; Weber, B.; Pflaum, C.-D.; Heuser, I.: Plasma Leptin in Depressed Patients and Healthy Controls
Scholz, G. H.; Englaro, P.; Thiele, I.; Scholz, M.; Klusmann, T.; Kellner, K.; Rascher, W.; Blum, W. F.: Dissociation of Serum Leptin Concentration and Body Fat Content During Long Term Dietary Intervention in Obese Individuals
Iida, M.; Murakami, T.; Yamada, M.; Sei, M.; Kuwajima, M.; Mizuno, A.; Noma, Y.; Aono, T.; Shima, K.: Hyperleptinemia in Chronic Renal Failure
Brabant, G.; Horn, R.; Mayr, B.; von zur Mühlen, A.; Honegger, J.; Buchfelder, M.: Serum Leptin Levels Following Hypothalamic Surgery


Short Communications

Rock, F. L.; Peterson, D.; Weig, B. C.; Kastelein, R. A.; Bazan, J. F.: Binding of Leptin to the Soluble Ectodomain of Recombinant Leptin Receptor
Takahashi, M.; Funahashi, T.; Shimomura, I.; Miyuoka, K.; Matsuzawa, Y.: Plasma Leptin Levels and Body Fat Distribution
Tsuruo, Y.; Sato, I.; Iida, M.; Murakami, T.; Ishimura, K.; Shima, K.: Immunohistochemical Detection of the ob Gene Product (Leptin) in Rat White and Brown Adipocytes