Phlebologie 2018; 47(01): 17-19
DOI: 10.12687/phleb2407-1-2018
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Compression therapy after surgical treatment of varicose veins

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B. Cucuruz
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J. Noppeney
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M. Bourdy
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A. Korte
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T. Noppeney
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Received Eingereicht: 18 December 2017

Accepted Angenommen: 18 December 2017

Publication Date:
15 March 2018 (online)



Compression therapy has always been the gold standard of chronic vein insufficiency and an alternative to operative treatment of varicose veins. Postoperative compression therapy on the other hand stays controversial. The purpose of this work was to give a summary of the existing literature of compression therapy after operative varicose vein treatment


A literature research in Medline, Pubmed and Embase was performed. Publications about operative varicose vein treatment were used to assess the used postoperative compression therapy.


There were 182 studies about operative varicose vein treatment found, but only 7 randomized studies. The compression therapy varies from no compression to a compression therapy of 6 weeks with elastic bandages or compression stockings.


Postoperative compression therapy after varicose vein surgery despite of what operation method is used, is always recommended. There is no recommendation to the duration of postoperative compression therapy.

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