The Thoracic and Cardiovascular Surgeon

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Issue 08/2009

Möllmann, H.; Voss, S.; Nef, H. M.; Lintz, M.; Oltenau, C.; Kostin, S.; Sperzel, J.; Troidl, C.; Skwara, W.; Rolf, A.; Hamm, C.; Elsässer, A.: Desynchronization: A Novel Model to Induce Heart Failure

Issue 02/2009

Issue 01/2009

Tirilomis, T.; Tempes, T.; Waldmann-Beushausen, R.; Ballat, C.; Bensch, M.; Schoendube, F. A.: Histological Changes in Neonatal Kidneys after Cardiopulmonary Bypass and Deep Hypothermic Circulatory Arrest

Issue 08/2008

Issue 08/2006

Schramm, R.; Nickels, R. M.; Harder, Y.; Langer, F.; Menger, M. D.; Schäfers, H.-J.: Heparin-Protamine does not Aggravate Local LPS-Provoked Leukocytic Inflammation in Vivo

Issue 06/2006

Doenst, T.; Bugger, H.; Leippert, S.; Barleon, B.; Marme, D.; Beyersdorf, F.: Differential Gene Expression in Response to Ventricular Unloading in Rat and Human Myocardium
Kusch, B.; Waldhans, S.; Sattler, A.; Wagner, A.; Hecker, M.; Moosdorf, R.; Vogt, S.: Inhibition of Carotis Venous Bypass Graft Disease by Intraoperative Nucleic Acid-Based Therapy in Rabbits

Issue 04/2006

Westphal, M.; Lautenschlager, I.; Backhaus, C.; Loginov, R.; Kundt, G.; Oberender, H.; Stamm, C.; Steinhoff, G.: Cytomegalovirus and Proliferative Signals in the Vascular Wall of CABG Patients