DOI: 10.1055/s-00000028

International Journal of Sports Medicine

Issue 05 · Volume 21 · July 2000 DOI: 10.1055/s-002-316

Physiology and Biochemistry

Billat, V. L.; Hamard, L.; Bocquet, V.; Demarie, S.; Beroni, M.; Petit, B.; Koralsztein, J. P.: Influence of Light Additional Arm Cranking Exercise on the Kinetics of V˙O2 in Severe Cycling Exercise
Liu, Y.; Lormes, W.; Baur, C.; Opitz-Gress, A.; Altenburg, D.; Lehmann, M.; Steinacker, J. M.: Human Skeletal Muscle HSP70 Response to Physical Training Depends on Exercise Intensity

Training and Testing


Itoh, H.; Ohkuwa, T.; Yamazaki, Y.; Shimoda, T.; Wakayama, A.; Tamura, S.; Yamamoto, T.; Sato, Y.; Miyamura, M.: Vitamin E Supplementation Attenuates Leakage of Enzymes Following 6 Successive Days of Running Training

Orthopedics and Clinical Science

Nyska, M.; Constantini, N.; Calé-Benzoor, M.; Back, Z.; Kahn, G.; Mann, G.: Spondylolysis as a Cause of Low Back Pain in Swimmers
Schumacher, Y. O.; Grathwohl, D.; Barturen, J. M.; Wollenweber, M.; Heinrich, L.; Schmid, A.; Huber, G.; Keul, J.: Haemoglobin, Haematocrit and Red Blood Cell Indices in Elite Cyclists. Are the Control Values for Blood Testing Valid?