DOI: 10.1055/s-00000028

International Journal of Sports Medicine

Issue 02 · Volume 21 · February 2000 DOI: 10.1055/s-002-564

Physiology and Biochemistry

Brown, M. D.; Srinivasan, M.; Hogikyan, R. V.; Dengel, D. R.; Glickman, S. G.; Galecki, A.; Supiano, M. A.: Nitric Oxide Biomarkers Increase During Exercise-Induced Vasodilation in the Forearm
Fulco, C. S.; Rock, P. B.; Muza, S. R.; Lammi, E.; Cymerman, A.; Lewis, S. F.: Reproducible Voluntary Muscle Performance During Constant Work Rate Dynamic Leg Exercise
Komulainen, J.; Kalliokoski, R.; Koskinen, S. O. A.; Drost, M. R.; Kuipers, H.; Hesselink, M. K. C.: Controlled Lengthening or Shortening Contraction-Induced Damage is Followed by Fiber Hypertrophy in Rat Skeletal Muscle

Training and Testing

Laukkanen, R. M. T.; Kukkonen-Harjula, T. K.; Oja, P.; Pasanen, M. E.; Vuori, I. M.: Prediction of Change in Maximal Aerobic Power by the 2-km Walk Test after Walking Training in Middle-Aged Adults
Rowland, T.; Miller, K.; Vanderburgh, P.; Goff, D.; Martel, L.; Ferrone, L.: Cardiovascular Fitness in Premenarcheal Girls and Young Women
Schmidt, W.; Biermann, B.; Winchenbach, P.; Lison, S.; Böning, D.: How Valid is the Determination of Hematocrit Values to Detect Blood Manipulations?


Francaux, M.; Demeure, R.; Goudemant, J.-F.; Poortmans, J. R.: Effect of Exogenous Creatine Supplementation on Muscle PCr Metabolism