DOI: 10.1055/s-00000041


Issue 01 · Volume 29 · February 1998 DOI: 10.1055/s-002-5721

Review Articles

Gärtner, Jutta; Braun, A.; Holzinger, A.; Roerig, P.; Lenard, H.-G.; Roscher, A. A.: Clinical and Genetic Aspects of X-Linked Adrenoleukodystrophy

Original articles

Cerrits, C. P. J. M.; Kamphuis, S.; Monnens, L. A. H.; Trijbels, J. M. F.; Schröder, C. H.; Koster, A.; Gabreëls, F. J. M.: Cerebrospinal Fluid Levels of Amino Acids in Infants and Young Children with Chronic Renal Failure

Short communications

Rubio-Cozalbo, M. E.; Ruitenbeek, W.; Wendel, U.; Sengers, R. C. A.; Trijbels, J. M. F.; Smeitink, J. A. M.: Systemic Infantile Complex I Deficiency with Fatal Outcome in Two Brothers
Parano, E.; Giuffrida, S.; Restivo, D.; Saponara, R.; Greco, F.; Trifiletti, R. R.: Reversible Palsy of the Hypoglossal Nerve Complicating Infectious Mononucleosis in a Young Child
Sahin, C.; Güngör, T.; Rettwitz-Volk, W.; Schlote, W.; Shin, Y. S.; Podskarbi, T.; Sewell, A. C.: Infantile Muscle Phosphorylase-b-Kinase Deficiency. A Case Report
van den Bergh, F. A. J. T. M.; Bosschaart, A. N.; Hageman, G.; Duran, M.; Poll-The, Bwee Tien: Adenylosuccinase Deficiency with Neonatal Onset Severe Epileptic Seizures and Sudden Death