DOI: 10.1055/s-00000012


Issue 03 · Volume 30 · March 1998 DOI: 10.1055/s-002-7741

Unusual Cases and Technical Notes

S 37
Honda, S.; Sugimoto, K.; Iwasaki, H.; Higuchi, R.; Kubota, H.; Watanabe, F.; Yoshii, S.; Hanai, H.; Kaneko, E.: Multiple Mucosal Bridge Formation in the Esophagus in a Patient with Crohn's Disease
S 38
Bobichon, R.; Gaudin, J. L.; Romand, F.; Pontette, F.; Thaunat, J. L.; Souquet, J. C.: Esophageal Involvement by Hodgkin's Disease Mimicking Submucosal Tumor
S 43
Flamenbaum, M.; Pujol, B.; Souquet, J. C.; Cassan, P.: Endoscopic Ultrasonography of a Pancreatic Lymphoma
S 44
Bhasin, D. K.; Sharma, B. C.; Dhavan, S.; Sethi, A.; Sinha, S. K.; Singh, K.: Endoscopic Balloon Dilation of Ileal Stricture Due to Tuberculosis

Original Article

Ban, S.; Toyonaga, A.; Harada, H.; Ikejiri, N.; Tanikawa, K.: Iodine Staining for Early Endoscopic Detection of Esophageal Cancer in Alcoholics
Savary, J.-F.; Grosjean, P.; Monnier, P.; Fontolliet, C.; Wagnieres, G.; Braichotte, D.; van den Bergh, H.: Photodynamic Therapy of Early Squamous Cell Carcinomas of the Esophagus: A Review of 31 Cases
Jung, M.; Zipf, A.; Schoonbroodt, D.; Herrmann, G.; Caspary, W. F.: Is Pancreatoscopy of Any Benefit in Clarifying the Diagnosis of Pancreatic Duct Lesions?
Stage, J. G.; Moesgaard, F.; Grønvall, S.; Stage, P.; Kehlet, H.: Percutaneous Transhepatic Cholelithotripsy for Difficult Common Bile Duct Stones


Letters to the Editor

Shah, H. K.; Shah, S. R.; Maydeo, A. P.; Pramesh, C. S.: Pancreatico-pleural Fistula
Hauser, H.; Mischinger, H. J.; Cerwenka, H.; Fruhwirth, H.; Werkgartner, G.; Klimpfinger, M.: Intussusception of the Rectum Mimicking Rectal Tumor on Endoscopy
Yamamoto, H.; Tamada, K.; Tomiyama, T.; Ido, K.; Kimura, K.: Ascaris Pancreatitis: Early Diagnosis by Ultrasonography and Endoscopic Treatment