DOI: 10.1055/s-00000012


Issue 09 · Volume 29 · November 1997 DOI: 10.1055/s-002-7845

Unusual Cases and Technical Notes

S 53
Kimura, H.; Konishi, K.; Tsukioka, Y.; Muraoka, K.; Yabushita, K.; Maeda, K.; Kuroda, Y.; Tsuji, M.; Miwa, A.: Superficial Esophageal Carcinoma Arising from the Diverticulum of the Esophagus
S 54
Karahasanoglu, T.; Ozbal, A.; Alcicek, S.; Goksel, S.; Altun, M.: Giant Intra-abdominal Esophageal Duplication Cyst
S 56
Baz, R.; Testori, H.; Román, H.; Fontán, A. N.: Biliary Ascariasis and Cholelithiasis
S 57
Hsu, C. C.; Chen, J. J.; Changchien, C. S.; Chang, W. C.: Endoscopic Diagnosis of Small Intestinal Amyloidosis
S 58
Kim, M.-H.; Myung, S. J.; Lee, S. K.; Yoo, B. M.; Seo, D. W.; Lee, M. H.; Jung, S. A.; Min, Y. I.: Choledochocele with Normal-Appearing Papilla Before Contrast Injection
S 60
Över, H. H.; Tözün, N.; Avşar, E.: Toothpick Impaction: Treatment by Colonoscopy

Original Article

Chen, J.-J.; Changchien, C.-S.; Lin, C.-C.; Chang, W.-C.: The Visible Vessel on the Bleeding Gastric Ulcer: An Endoscopic-Pathological Study
Parra-Blanco, A.; Takahashi, H.; Méndez Jerez, P. V.; Kojima, T.; Aksoz, K.; Kirihara, K.; Palmerín, J.; Takekuma, Y.; Fuijta, R.: Endoscopic Management of Dieulafoy Lesions of the Stomach: A Case Study of 26 Patients.
Trentino, P.; Pompeo, E.; Nofroni, I.; Francioni, F.; Rapacchietta, S.; Silvestri, F.; Carboni, M.; Mineo, T. C.: Predictive Value of Early Postoperative Esophagoscopy for Occurrence of Benign Stenosis After Cervical Esophagogastrostomy
Palazzo, L.; Landi, B.; Cellier, Ch.; Roseau, G.; Chaussade, S.; Couturier, D.; Barbier, J.: Endosonographic Features of Esophageal Granular Cell Tumors
Bhutani, M. S.; Hawes, R. H.; Baron, P. L.; Sanders-Cliette, A.; van Velse, A.; Osborne, J. F.; Hoffman, B. J.: Endoscopic Ultrasound Guided Fine Needle Aspiration of Malignant Pancreatic Lesions
Dietrich, C. F.; Wehrmann, T.; Hoffmann, C.; Herrmann, G.; Caspary, W. F.; Seifert, H.: Detection of the Adrenal Glands by Endoscopic or Transabdominal Ultrasound
Kuntz, Ch.; Kienle, P.; Buhl, K.; Glaser, F.; Herfarth, Ch.: Flexible Endoscopic Ultrasonography of Colonic Tumors: Indications and Results


Case Report

Hintze, R. E.; Adler, A.; Veltzke, W.; Ramani, N. V.; Abou-Rebyeh, H.: Management of Traction Wire Fracture Complicating Mechanical Basket Lithotripsy

Letters to the Editor