DOI: 10.1055/s-00000012


Issue 03 · Volume 28 · March 1996 DOI: 10.1055/s-002-7936

Original Article

Schumacher, B.; Lübke, H. J.; Frieling, T.; Strohmeyer, G.; Starke, A. A. R.: Prospective Study on the Detection of Insulinomas by Endoscopic Ultrasonography
Notini-Gudmarsson, A.-K.; Dolk, A.; Jakobsson, J.; Johansson, C.: Nitrous Oxide: A Valuable Alternative for Pain Relief and Sedation During Routine Colonoscopy
Saeed, Z. A.; Cole, R. A.; Ramirez, F. C.; Schneider, F. E.; Hepps, K. S.; Graham, D. Y.: Endoscopic Retreatment After Successful Initial Hemostasis Prevents Ulcer Rebleeding: A Prospective Randomized Trial
Watanabe, S.; Matsuda, K.; Arima, K.; Uchida, Y.; Nishioka, M.; Haruo, T.; Uohashi, T.: Detection of Subclinical Disorders of the Hypopharynx and Larynx by Gastrointestinal Endoscopy

Short Communication

Uchida, N.; Ezaki, T.; Hirabayashi, S.; Minami, A.; Fukuma, H.; Matsuoka, H.; Watanabe, S.; Morshed, S. A.; Nishioka, M.; Ikeda, Y.; Higashijima, T.; Kozeki, M.; Matsuoka, M.; Nakatsu, T.: Scanning of Polypoid Gallbladder Lesions by Ultrasonic Microprobes Using Transpapillary Catheterization


Case Report

Brullet, E.; Campo, R.; Cornbalia, N.; Marqués, G.; Armengol-Miró, J. R.: Gastric Ulcer Perforation into the Heart
Feretis, C.; Benakis, P.; Dimopoulos, C.; Georgopoulos, K.; Manouras, A.; Apostolidis, N.: Palliation of Large-Bowel Obstruction Due to Recurrent Rectosigmoid Tumor Using Self-Expandable Endoprostheses

Unusual Cases and Technical Notes

Schwacha, H.; Keuchel, M.; Gagesch, G.; Hagenmüller, F.: Fasciola gigantica in the Common Bile Duct: Diagnosis by ERCP
Lee, T.-H.; Chen, C.-H.; Wong, J.-M.; Yu, S.-C.; Shun, C.-T.; Wang, T.-H.; Lin, J.-T.: Endoscopic Diagnosis of Gastroduodenal Intussusception
Lee, D. W. H.; Lau, J. Y. W.; Chan, A. C. W.; Chung, S. C. S.; Li, A. K. C.: Endoscopic Diagnosis of Retrograde Jejunojejunal Intussusception
Tantau, M.; Person, B.; Burtin, P.; Boyer, J.: Duodenal Diverticula and ERCP: A New Trick

Letters to the Editor

van Blankenstein, M.: Watermelon Stomach