DOI: 10.1055/s-00000025

Hormone and Metabolic Research

Issue 01 · Volume 13 · January 1981 DOI: 10.1055/s-002-8617

Iwasa, S.; Kondo, K.; Ueno, H.; Wakimasu, M.; Ohneda, A.: Enzyme Immunoassay for Determination of Pancreatic Glucagon in Plasma
Requero, A. Martín; Izquierdo, J. A. Martínez; Parrilla, R.; Ayuso-Parrilla, M. S.: Relationship between Rates of Hepatic Protein Synthesis, Cyclic AMP Content and Phosphorylation of Ribosomal Proteins
Remesar, X.; Arola, L.; Palou, A.; Herrera, E.; Alemany, Marià: Plasma Amino Acids in Hypothyroid and Hypertyroid Rats

Short Communications

Ammon, H. P. T.; Hoppe, E.; Eujen, R.; Lutz, S.: Effect of Leucine on GSH Levels of Rat Pancreatic Islets
Matsubara, Y.; Ito, S.; Tsutsui, M.; Tamiya, Y.; Wanifuchi, T.; Osaka, M.; Muto, T.: Relation of Plasma Neurotensin Responses with Different Gastric Operations after 50 g OGTT
Ziliotto, D.; Luisetto, G.; Heynen, G.; Francia, G.; Gastaldo, M.; Cecchini, M.: Decrease in Serum Prolactin Levels after Acute Intravenous Injection of Salmon Calcitonin in Normal Subjects
Arver, S.; Sjöberg, H. E.: Ionized Calcium in Human Semen