DOI: 10.1055/s-00000028

International Journal of Sports Medicine

Issue 10 · Volume 34 · October 2013 DOI: 10.1055/s-003-25728


Kroger, E. W.; Griesser, M. J.; Kolovich, G. P.; Ellis, T. J.: Efficacy of Surgery for Internal Snapping Hip

Physiology & Biochemistry

Revelli, L.; Vagnoni, S.; D’Amore, A.; Di Stasio, E.; Lombardi, C. P.; Storti, G.; Proietti, R.; Balestra, C.; Ricerca, B. M.: EPO Modulation in a 14-Days Undersea Scuba Dive
Vechetti-Júnior, I. J.; Aguiar, A. F.; de Souza, R.W. A.; Almeida, F.L. A.; de Almeida Dias, H. B.; de Aguiar Silva, M. A.; Carani, F. R.; Ferraresso, R.L. P.; Carvalho, R. F.; Dal-Pai-Silva, M.: NFAT Isoforms Regulate Muscle Fiber Type Transition without Altering CaN during Aerobic Training
De La Rue, S E.; Draper, S. B.; Potter, C. R.; Smith, M. S.: Energy Expenditure in Rock/Pop Drumming

Training & Testing

Alberton, C. L.; Tartaruga, M. P.; Pinto, S. S.; Cadore, E. L.; Antunes, A. H.; Finatto, P.; Kruel, L.F. M.: Vertical Ground Reaction Force during Water Exercises Performed at Different Intensities
Marta, C.; Marinho, D. A.; Barbosa, T. M.; Izquierdo, M.; Marques, M. C.: Effects of Concurrent Training on Explosive Strength and VO2max in Prepubescent Children
Deprez, D.; Coutts, A. J.; Fransen, J.; Deconinck, F.; Lenoir, M.; Vaeyens, R.; Philippaerts, R.: Relative Age, Biological Maturation and Anaerobic Characteristics in Elite Youth Soccer Players
Baroni, B. M.; Rodrigues, R.; Franke, R. A.; Geremia, J. M.; Rassier, D. E.; Vaz, M. A.: Time Course of Neuromuscular Adaptations to Knee Extensor Eccentric Training
Silva, G.; Aires, L.; Martins, C.; Mota, J.; Oliveira, J.; Ribeiro, J. C.: Cardiorespiratory Fitness Associates with Metabolic Risk Independent of Central Adiposity
Bertuzzi, R.; Pasqua, L. A.; Bueno, S.; Damasceno, M. V.; Lima-Silva, A. E.; Bishop, D.; Tricoli, V.: Strength-Training with Whole-Body Vibration in Long-Distance Runners: A Randomized Trial

Clinical Sciences

dos Santos, M. R.; Dias, R. G.; Laterza, M. C.; Rondon, M.U.P. B.; Braga, A.M. F. W.; de Moraes Moreau, R. L.; Negrão, C. E.; Alves, M.-J.N. N.: Impaired Post Exercise Heart Rate Recovery in Anabolic Steroid Users