DOI: 10.1055/s-00000028

International Journal of Sports Medicine

Issue 10 · Volume 35 · September 2014 DOI: 10.1055/s-004-27448

Physiology & Biochemistry

Santos-Concejero, J.; Tucker, R.; Myburgh, K. H.; Essen-Gustavsson, B.; Kohn, T. A.: Greater Performance Impairment of Black Runners than White Runners when Running in Hypoxia

Training & Testing

Eijsvogels, T. M. H.; Bongers, C. C. W. G.; Veltmeijer, M. T. W.; Moen, M. H.; Hopman, M.: Cooling during Exercise in Temperate Conditions: Impact on Performance and Thermoregulation
Brazeau, A.-S.; Suppere, C.; Strychar, I.; Belisle, V.; Demers, S.-P.; Rabasa-Lhoret, R.: Accuracy of Energy Expenditure Estimation by Activity Monitors Differs with Ethnicity
Kingsley, J. D.; Hochgesang, S.; Brewer, A.; Buxton, E.; Martinson, M.; Heidner, G.: Autonomic Modulation in Resistance-Trained Individuals after Acute Resistance Exercise

Orthopedics & Biomechanics

Genetics & Molecular Biology

Serpiello, F. R.; McKenna, M. J.; Coratella, G.; Markworth, J. F.; Tarperi, C.; Bishop, D.; Stepto, N. K.; Cameron-Smith, D.; Schena, F.: Futsal and Continuous Exercise Induce Similar Changes in Specific Skeletal Muscle Signalling Proteins

Clinical Sciences

Maeda, Y.; Yang, T.-C.; Miyanaga, H.; Tanaka, Y.; Ikebe, K.; Akimoto, N.: Mouthguard and Sports Drinks on Tooth Surface pH
Conte, M.; Baldin, A. D.; Russo, M. R. R. R.; Storti, L. R.; Caldara, A. A.; Cozza, H. F. P.; Ciolac, E. G.: Effects of High-Intensity Interval vs. Continuous Moderate Exercise on Intraocular Pressure
D’Agosto, T.; Peçanha, T.; Bartels, R.; Moreira, D. N.; Silva, L. P.; Nóbrega, A. C. L.; Lima, J. R. P.: Cardiac Autonomic Responses at Onset of Exercise: Effects of Aerobic Fitness